GPS Trader reviewed – its only a scam!

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Browsing through the binary option related pages and messages I’ve found a new service to review: GPS Trader. The autotrading software promise $ 850 profit each hour and $ 12.000 incoming any day. The first strange-looking fact is that 850 multiplied by 24 20.400 is. All forex markets worldwide are between 21 and 22 o’clock UTC closed. How will the autotrading robot makes profit at this time? What’s up with weekend? And 850 multiplied by 23 are still 19.550. It’s obvious that this numbers are contradiction. But there are more lies. An interesting fact is that the never say how you make this money. The manual is to download the application and activate the trader. But they said nowhere how you connect to your broker.


The services website show you how many money you can make at your location. It will suggest you that you are on the optimal exclusively location to make many money. In reality its show you only the location of your first WAN node and accepting each location to make money. Fortune it doesn’t need many experiences to redirect your traffic about other new nodes. It will show the same thing, no matter where on the world you are.


I will tell you about GPS. NAVSTAR GPS stands for “Navigational satellite timing and ranging global positioning system” and was created in the 70s by the US Army. GPS use currently 24 satellites, moving around the earth. These send constantly her location and local time out. A receiver can use 3 or more satellite signals to calculate his own location and moving speed. That’s all. If you place a binary option trade, you need to send the trade request through a cable connection to the broker. Hence you have to use Satellite signals plus cable connection, what is even slower than only cable connections. The GPS baud rate in civil usages are 50 bit/s. GPS Traders homepage have a size of 40.535 Byte without external resources like images. 1 Byte contains 8 Bit (Byte = by eight), hence the homepage has 324.280 Bit. 324.280 divided by 50 is 6.485 what are 1.8 hours to transfer only the text part of the trader. The ancient 56k phone modems are transferring nearly 56.000 Bit/s downstream.

In the video are many images called “stock photos” they undergird the lies. Stock photos are photos shot by anyone they may each body can use for free or buy them. Most scams betraying it since the using stock photos. The guy at the boat with the many winning trades can viewed at

The car looks nice. Too bad that they own only the image shot by a user called csp_Babar760. May the only one that made revenue with this service.


At the bottom of the website you supposed Facebook comments. Those are only fake comments! They are written simple as static text at the homepage and colored them blue. The first proof is that they never change. If you look at a real Facebook comment you will see that the script refresh the time since the user post every few seconds. But we want analytics the Facebook part more, its make fun to expose such kinds of scam.

If you take a look at the source of the homepage you will see the static text. The websites source can you show each browser since the browser on your local computer rendering the page from source after downloading them.


Funnily the website has directory listing activated and don’t has a file to parse instead. Two big mistakes they show that the creator has no idea what he do. May they fix that later. You see here the images of the robot inclusively all the user images of the “Facebook” part.



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