HBSwiss scam review! Hans Berger’s system in all details!

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HBSwiss by Hans Berger is a new scam, trying to steal all your money. The software is other than the typical trader is promoted as a Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) Trader. HBSwiss try a lot to look legit, it is not easy to see the scam tactics. This review was created carefully to figure out what really happening and to protect your deposit. It is important to read the whole review to look behind the nice looking face and learn how it betrays his customers. That the HBSwiss scam looks more legit than the typical fraud service make it far more dangerous.

The HBSwiss scam website

The landing page looks like the front of a legit alternative. It starts with the typical promotion video, telling what the software exactly do, how it was created and similar. This is the part that differ at most between legit and scam apps. While good apps are honest and telling the truth inventing scams fake stories to bait new trader. Below the video is an image about opinions of the personal Facebook group. A search at Facebook don’t bring any results. The group is may be hidden, but this don’t care. The HBSwiss scam hide the group for potential members, hence it must be ignored. It is  neither a positive fact about, nor a proof of scam.

The next widget below is an incrementing number of today profits and daily profits. Quantum Code, one of the most viral scams available, is the first coming immediate in mind. The profit number making no sense. These numbers incrementing each second, only about $100. But this is not the way an autotrading robot works. Bots calculate the best trading opportunities and place a trade for all his members parallel. A real profit counter would increment few times but much more. That the counters start over and over from the same start number again is not surprising and proof that it is only a scam widget.

HBSwiss scam review

HBSwiss homepage’s is full of hidden scam widgets

At the bottom of the page is again an oldie. “There is nothing to buy. No fees, no charges! You are a minute away from exceptional trading experience.” HBSwiss shows with this statement his real face. “Nothing to sell” is a typical scam sentence. Many scams use this so many times, that it got his own category. The usage of these terms was in last months very rare, but if you read or hear it, you have to assume that the software is a big scam. “No charges” is an obviously lie. After you joined HBSwiss, you have to join with their broker and deposit money, before the application starts to place random and lose it again.

The page contains typical scam badges. Such images are either stolen or self-created. A simple Google search showed that these image base at public domain image, but exclusive changed and used at this scam. HBSwiss tell it is a qualitative Swiss product, but according to his IP subnet is it really hosted in the United States.

If you move the cursor out of the view port of the browser, then it tries to stop you using a modal popup. HBSwiss and all the other scams we know this from try to change your decision to leave it using dump promises, more than in the video clip to grab the last change to scam you. Don’t believe this, leaving this homepage is a great choice. Only scams use such popups.

Hans Berger in the video clip

A quick web search about Hans Berger brought no results. But this was expected, Hans Berger is a very generic German name, there are thousands people in Switzerland, Germany and Austria which have this first- and surnames. Finding a guy which such an often used name is not easy. The same as Bastian Hermann, because Hermann is a first name too. Hans Berger has worked at the bank in Switzerland and his highschool friend Bastian Hermann at CERN. They developed together the HBSwiss software, using quantum computers. The name HBSwiss is a connection between Hans, Bastian and Swiss. (Hans, Berger and Swiss were possible too.)

Let’s follow HBSwiss claims to use Quantum computer to calculate the best trades. This is a big fat lie, these machines are current only theoretical constructs. Some people have already built a small real working quantum computer, but just for testing – a real usage is current impossible. No matter if anybody working at CERN (Conseil européen pour la recherche nucléaire) – the European Organization for Nuclear Research – which became known with his particle accelerator and black holes, nobody worldwide will ever acknowledging a real quantum computer. This will need still decades of research.

HBSwiss is only a joke

Hans Berger tell he figures out the software works after he found five-teen thousand dollar in his bank account. He thought first at a banking mistake, but the software generated silently this sum. This expose again some lies. The major is that a tool can generate a strong money flow, but this will increment your broker account, not a bank account. You have to withdraw your money from the account, simple for safety propositions.

Hans Berger lie only

HBSwiss claims to be free to have access to more data to learn better. When the software is connected to more broker accounts, it has not more information. The app gets a way to place trades in your broker account. What should it get for data to learn? We have figure out in other reviews that the way a computer learn is to simulate a neuronal network. But Hans Berger don’t say anything about. HBSwiss whole story make no sense.

HBSwiss is filled with stock video clips to look more legit. In real are these only another proof that it is only a scam. The team in front of the chart monitor show nobody related to HBSwiss. Really funny is the video of x86-compatible assembler code, because HBSwiss claims to use (non-existing) quantum computers.

HBSwiss is a dump scam

HBSwiss scam conclusion

This review focused only at the biggest reasons to don’t waste your time with a too long review. HBSwiss tell nothing usefully, and the only eleven minutes long video clip is full with lies. Compared with other fraudsters try it really to looks legit, but the detail tell the truth: HBSwiss is a scam! Avoid it to safe your deposit.

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