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A few days ago released this new funnel – Read this review carefully to see why it’s a scam!

Hoffman Stein is a scam promising to generate daily over $4,323.2. Additional, they say that the homepage is only a really short time available. Those are lies! Read more below to see it!

Scam by a Panama company again.

Starting with the Domain hoffmanstein.com itself, they is like many scams register in Panama. This land in Central America is mainly used by European to hide money and found offshore companies. The scam creator needs only to transfer money like $ 3.000 to anybody acting as intermediary who found the company. Only the middleman knows who has really founded the company. The so-called Panama Papers for example are leaked thousands of German offshore companies in Panama create by a German lawyer office.

Hoffman Stein contains fake timer, spot count and popup.




The homepage of Hoffman Stein starts with 97 free spots. You will see a timer that the homepage will close. That’s only a big lie! If you reload the scam page the timer will starts again. The funnel site contains a modal popup also. You will such a popup only find at scam pages! The popup contains a third timer. This one starts with 5 Minutes. If it reaches 00:00 nothing happens, but if you hide the popup and inline it again the counter starts again at 05:00. The free spot count decrement according to this and will stop at 1 like most scam fake counters. If you reload the website the counter will restart at 97 again!

Scamming using unrealistic promise and inconsequent texts.

In the binary option industry you will never makes $ 2.500 per day. The best autotrading softwares can earn up to $ 2.500 profit each week. And that’s far more than most folk get for their work.

A very inconsequent statement from this scam page is the statement that your profit depends at your fund. With $ 300 you will make $ 800 – $ 1.000 daily. If you fund $ 1000 you can make over $ 2.500. But for real, if you invest $ 300 and make $ 800 – $ 1.000 daily you have the next day already $ 1.100. Why should you deposit more than the minimum investment sum? Only a scam want that you fund your account much as possible. A legit binary option service will try to make you money! The part showing how much spots are available in your country is a lie too. Anywhere at the world it shows 97 free spots for this location.

hoffman-spots-locationsBad scam video

The video contain many archive captures. But the concrete information of Hoffman Stein is full of lies. The Article in the Los Angeles Times has never existed. The quotes tell google to search only for exactly that string. inurl lets google search at only this domain and his subdomain.



If you look at the broker scene in Hoffman Steins Video you will see that the trade history between both images didn’t change. But these are the last trades since there is no way to navigate in the history. Only the balance and the trade count change.



In the scam video you will find the biggest lie in the binary option industry! There will never be any Autotrading app that wins each trade. This is simple impossible. Even the best software lose sometimes a trade.


Do you agree with this review? Are there many lies?

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