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avelon.cc latest experiences:

Hello, Üdvözöljük a avelon.cc experiences and scam review. This website, called Avelon, claims to belong to an encrypted currency mining company which allow huge investment opportunities for everyone. That looks considered individually great, but there are a lot such Websites, stealing your money. It is hard to decide for the right platform, but it will be worth it, We go in this review through each detail of avelon.cc to make sure, you invest only in the best way. Remember to join the newsletter to the right to stay always up-to-date. Let’s start with the overall website:

avelon.cc experiences and scam reviewThe website:

If you follow scam reviews for longer, you may notify, the layout of most ones looks very similar. There are some promises, some service stats and some widgets. At the bottom is a Link with the text About Us, but this scroll only back to the top. You need a lot of trust to send money to such an investment pool. We look usual as first at the leadership of a new opportunity. On avelon.cc is not way to find out, who the service runs. Such an alleged computer cluster needs a lot of employees, maintaining the devices. An anonymous website looks more like a one-man-company and can never be trusted. Their hidden names are reason enough to keep away, but there are still more reasons to call avelon.cc a scam:

avelon.cc is an anonymous scam!

Lack of internal information:

When thinking about a Bitcoin-, Litecoin-, Ethereum-, Dash-, Neon-, or any Altcoin-Miningfarm, there comes giant space use in the mind. Electronic systems with this calculation power generate a lot of heat, so they need a big professional cooling system. It is very unlikely, that the scammers behind of avelon.cc own such big properties, when there is not even a single business address in connection with. What they want to do with our hard-earned money, is the next thing, we want to know. On this homepage is no mention of the used ways to mine encrypted currencies. Do they use ordinary hardware or application-specific integrated circuit? An Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is an integrated circuit, build to solve exactly one problem, in this case mine encrypted currencies. They are very powerful, but can only mine coins, basing on the same algorithm. The investing plans are strange too:

What this service sell:

The main business model of avelon.cc seems to be selling GH/s. That means gigahashes per second. One gigahash are one billion ( hashes. Mining Bitcoin is a kind of guessing game. The coin defines a one-way-function to calculate a hash from plain data, the way to mine is to find plain data, where the hash meets some conditions. These conditions increase with the count of miners. Since the chance to guess a hash, fulfilling these criteria, is today already gigantic low, the miners connect to pools. If any device in the pool find a matching hash, the server pays to all user of the pool, basing on their solved hash count. The payment of avelon.cc still organized as plans, starting from 20.000 GH/s for $200 up to 1.000.000 GH/s for $10.000. You would get a bonus for buying any plan. Please don’t fall for so simple tricks. That are not boni, you’d always get them. Even the cheapest plan would always get the so-called bonus. The strangest of the plans of avelon.cc is the lack of an information, how long the cloud mine encrypted currencies for you. Let’s now look over the profit.

avelon.cc has only bogus offer and no real boni!

More reasons to call avelon.cc a scam:

The only function of the here reviewed website is to earn money. The idea behind is just, you deposit your investment and withdraw your profit later. When we visit such a scam page the first time, the input claims are usual the first we see, since it is one of the most working bait for to get new investors. Doubling or tripling your account balance within hours sounds great, but you will never find a system, where this would really work. avelon.cc promises profits of two to four percent per day of your investment. The prices of encrypted currencies are very volatile, so the income vary strong. Bitcoins and co. can be very lucrative, but the claims on avelon.cc are just ridiculous, The best way for earning money from home is today trading at the global market. There are tools, may reaches such a daily income, but avelon.cc is definitively not one of them. We will come back to a great solution back at the end of this review. However, talking with past and present members gives a clearer picture of the whole page:

avelon.cc experiences:

Daily sending investors their experiences about used trading software, mining farms and similar. Usual are these experiences the base of scam reviews and help to divide services up. Unfortunately was all avelon.cc experiences very bad. According to the description of the members steals this just pool the account balances. There are some reports of small payouts, but not any user got his whole initial deposit back. That is the strong scam indicator ever. When you hear from first hand, how the scammers stole the money and what scam tactics like phone terror are in use, the surfing experiences of this page change. Please be on the other side even careful, when you read assumed avelon.cc experiences, especial, when it contains an email address of a third person. A usual scam tactic is to tell a great story, ending with anybody like a so-called Hacker was able to return the funds. That is not even clear nonsense, it is just a trick to scam money from a victim of avelon.cc. Read always the review of your trusted blog, before you transfer bucks, if you are unsure contact direct. In the case you have already experiences with avelon.cc, please email to earnmoneytodayblog@gmail.com, use the simple kapcsolatfelvételi űrlapot or write a comment/review below. This website is so wide range know, cause there is an affiliate program:

The affiliate program:

The final touch to look likes a ponzi scheme gives the affiliate program. When somebody, called A, send you to avelon.cc, he/she gets 10 % of your investment. 10 % is a way too high to sounds like a legit offer. The clue is, if you send somebody, called B, to avelon.cc, you would get 10 % of all investments of B but A would get 4 % too for this and all other sells. A ponzi scheme doesn’t generate profits, it moves just money. Withdraws are always paid from investment of new user. It looks like the system works, so people invest more until no new users comes around and it collapses. We have spoken with a lot of users and consult periodically other legit sources: avelon.cc denied the payout of this ominous affiliate program, but there are already real alternatives. Nevertheless, let’s now conclude this review:

avelon.cc experiences and scam review conclusion:

At avelon.cc do you find almost all known scam tactics, on the other side do you get nothing in return. Not even the name of a real existing person. The member experiences speak for themselves. This fraud website did already cheat ten of thousand investors, daily more. All avelon.cc experiences was bad! Avelon.cc is a scam! As mentioned above, the current best way for earning money from home is to trade. It is very easily, continue reading below to start today:

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