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The Instant Cash Club by Jim Robinson is a new scam. A club sounds like an exclusive location, but this one allow anybody until they lost the last cent. We remember at the fraud service Fast Cash Club. Continues of such a scam is only possible, if people joined already this crap software. But this review will expose all the scam tactics of the Instant Cash Club and show which great alternatives are available. Continue reading of this testimonial is the best you can do to protect your money.

Jim Robinson, scam actor of Instant Cash Club!

Our experiences about the Instant Cash Club was everything but good. The homepage doesn’t contain much stuff to review. Only the promotion video, used by both scams and legit services, a textfield and button to join, and nevertheless a part showing the live result of the autotrading software. Let start direct with this widget. This script part show each in intervals of five to ten seconds a new won trade. Because it never shows a lost trade, there are 3 possible reasons for. Either it shows only winning trades, it claims to have a winning rate of 100 % or show only random data. Each of these are typical scam tactics. Focus at the expired time and the payout sum first. It is no wonder that this bogus scam show won trades at weekend too. Basing at the expired time do you see, that the Instant Cash Club scam want to trade only short-term options (aka. 60-second-options). This is the worst idea for trading binary options. Even the most experienced traders have problems to predict the market in this short time frame, hence it is no miracle that all legit trading platforms and human trader advise to use them, if you don’t know exactly what you do. The other strange thing is the payout sum. An autotrading robot place calculated trades at all of his users in parallel. Another way makes absolutely no sense. Because the winning rate is every time a fixed sum, the member of the Instant Cash Club cannot select how much money the software should invest. Else would each member of the Instant Cash Club get his personal payout, basing at his investment sum. Let stop for a short moment before continuing exposing all scam tactics of the Instant Cash Club. We have now learned about two major functions of legit autotrading services.

All the scam techniques of the Instant Cash Club

The main content of the Instant Cash Club is found in the video clip. It is presented by a guy called Jim Robinson. A fast search about this name brought no results. More important is the fact that this guy was already seen in other scams. That proves, that Jim Robinson is only a scam actor, hired from the guys behind the facade of the Instant Cash Club. The house looks very similar to other scam houses like of the Nesdek Inc. Instant Cash Clubs video will never hear how the strange software works. You don’t say the brokers name, which allegedly was founded by an personal friend of the non-exist creators of Instant Cash Club, named Paul. We will shortly come back to this creators. He say nothing about the average winning rate or anything important fact, but show stock images and fake bank statements. But this are the most important questions. Interesting is, that he tell you don’t need a credit card to start with the Instant Cash Club. No matter how good a software is, nobody will pay for you. If you want make money, you need to be content to invest money first. We know already the best realization in the binary option markets. On the other hand do we know the fake stories of most scams. For example, the Quantum Code scam tell you that it win each trade, because it is faster than all other systems. This is simple crap.

Scam Review of Bitcoin Money Machine

Jim Robinson will start with the Instant Cash Club in the march of this (2016) year. After sending a short request with the WHOIS protocol, we know now that the domain of the Instant Cash Club was register first at the 2016-09-20. Unrealistic promised incomes are a widespread scam tactic used by much fraud systems, and you won’t miss them at the Instant Cash Club. Jim Robinson say he has earned at his first day really about $11.000. Legit autotraders well-working and tested money management strategies. Making so much money in the binary option industry is not yet and will never be possible. You can make a lot of money on autopilot, but you will not become a millionaire after less than one year trading binary options. The funny part is he tell first, he was a “normal” guy, but later, he bought an online system after another. How can a regular guy buy an online system?

Andrew Haines has never exist

Jim Robinson tells about two traders, who got huge rich at Wall Street. These should be the founder of Instant Cash Club. A quick search bring not any results about Thomas Jordan and Andrew Haines as Wall Street trader, but it showed that the images of both are only stock photos. These images were created by any photographer to have a lot simple pictures “in stock”. This get sold by agencies, some services, like Adobe, offer stock photos for free too. The stock photo of Andrew Haines was found among others at

Last but not least forget the Google Play and Apple App Store icons. To use the names of big companies is not a new way to looks legit and bait potential investors. You won’t find a software with the related name Instant Cash Club at Google Play.

Instant Cash Club conclusion

We like to compare potential scams with already confirmed legit alternatives. This show very fast what’s happening. The simple fact that neither Thomas Jordan nor Andrew Haines has never existed is enough to come to the result that the Instant Cash Club try only to scam you. Jim Robinson, an already well-known scam actor, tell only how he came to the Instant Cash Club, but never how it really works. After you have carefully read this review, you have already the full information about the Instant Cash Club. Hence, only one clear verdict is possible: Instant Cash Club is a scam, avoid it!

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