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ICO Money Maker by Tony Shaffer is a new offer that promise to make you rich using encrypted currencies. Encrypted currencies are the current best way for earning a lot money, but any working softwares follows hundreds of scams to steal your money.  It is important to sort out such crap systems and show you the real working solutions. Please read this whole ICO Money Maker experience report with full scam review. At the end will you know if this software is the world best trading platform or just another entry in our blacklist. In both cases will you know how to start earning money immediate.

What ICO Money Maker  promises and offers

The promotion Video starts very inventive with the message, that all channels are controlled by the government, so that ICO Money Maker has to reach you using adverting. But this software is like always a public video on a public homepage, it can not be very secret, can it? To tell that it is a great new system, and banks, the government or anybody wants to stop it is a common lie.

The ICO Money Maker promises to earn more money this year than in the past five years. We warn nearly all days against this, any website could not be more dishonesty. There is never ever guarantee to earn money at the market. That is why a well working risk management very important is, even the best investor have sometimes loses. Having no money management like such scams supposing can cause in loosing all your investment. Each verified application has precautions to protect you.

ICO Money Maker experience and scam review

ICO Money Maker left no control

The ICO Money Maker is a full automatic autotrading bot with a supposed accuration of 97 %. We don’t recommend using a full automatic trading system. You give in this way the control over your deposit to the autotrader. This is very dangerous, and already a lot trader lost all they had by letting an autotrader activated.

With the ICO Money Maker are only few unknown cryptocurrency brokers associated. They are not licensed and regulated in any way, that means they operating illegal. For their own safety is it not possible to deposit money using your credit card. It is always recommended to pay online using credit cards, because you have a chance to get your money back from your credit card institute in the case you become scammed. These dubious broker allow only deposit using encrypted currencies. If you transfer your money to such a broker, it is basically gone.

ICO Money Maker uses faked users

At the top right of homepage is a small area showing steadily two images of supposed members that earned money. Like the whole offer is this only a cheap fake. All these images are just stock images, you can find them on many other websites. The ICO Money Maker have no way to upload any user photo.

ICO Money Maker fake user images

When you try to leave the ICO Money Maker, a usual scam popup try to stop you. The experiences say that such tricks are only used by fraud systems. The text on the modal window says, that their customers (not user!) have raked in over 2.1 million US-Dollar in the last three months. A short WHOIS request to check this shows the sad truth: the domain was first at 2017-11-21 created, today is the 2017-12-31. The domain didn’t exist three months ago, hence no customer could buy this dishonesty trash system.

ICO Money Maker scam popup

ICO Money Maker experience and scam review conclusion

Our experiences with the ICO Money Maker was overall very bad. There is not one honesty word in this offer. Your payment supports only illegal scam broker and you will never see your money again. Please join one of the few verified alternatives!

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