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The InsuredTrading scam by Oliver Breitner is the new version of the old Insured Outcome already blacklisted by trusted binary option related blogs. So the InsuredTrading scam uses like his old fraud service Insured Outcome well-known scam tactics. Also we will figure out all the nasty methods to destroy this scam and make no money again with fleecing poor investors. We will find reliable alternatives too against the danger InsuredTrading scam and start making money online. The promotion video of this strange service is like most scams only a cheap production and not the product of rich guys and gals. Oliver Breitner, the actor of the InsuredTrading scam, will be a mega millionaire, but nothing looks like the creation of somebody with a lot bucks. The videos start like most scams with a lot stock image and video clips.  He asks about giving you $18.000,01. Take care of the US dollar! The InsuredTrading scam often refer to America. If you are citizen of the United States, never forget, that it is against the lay to trade at a broker that is not regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Scammer will tell you anything to nudge you to deposit money at these broker. But if they are not regulated by CFTC, you will break the law!

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Oliver Breitner storyboard is very strange. He say he own 580 million dollar and a member of his trading group makes $540.000 in a month. That means anybody must more than 1000 months saved up the total income. That are 83 years to reach this sum, if you ignore taxes and miscellany!s

InsuredTrading scam is only a big crap!

A big search about Oliver Breitner show that nobody have ever heard about this guy. His agenda is only a lie and the binary option service is not trustable. It is impossible to make such much money without attention from outside. The fraud story is only one of the facts against this strange trading platform. We could stop here, but to blacklist the InsuredTrading scam with a clear conscience it is important to analyze the strange offer to the end. Oliver Breitner say he is the CEO of Insured Outcome. Because this is already known fraud system, it indicates that InsuredTrading goes the same way. Oliver Breitner name over 67 members in his group. It is strange, that the InsuredTrading scam actor uses such an abstract sequence for this number. But he uses the winning sequence: “I have nothing to sell”. How much scam used this words already is uncountable. “I now work for you” is another fraud statement. The bank account image is very funny. If they really think anybody who have this money would leave only a small part in the hands of a bank, they did never had really money. Oliver Breitner get with each word he said more ridiculous. He will have created a team from the best programmer worldwide. How does he know this coder are the best? How value he the programmer? The full InsuredTrading scam is a mix of laughing and vicarious embarrassment. Another well-known scam tactic are the limited spots. The first warning to set you at panic appears with 12 free spots left. But really, anybody that think a video hosted at YouTube contains real spot warnings is simple too dumb to earn money with legit services.

The InsuredTrading scam tell you a lot crap

About InsuredTrading is only one verdict possible: It is a very lame scam and the creator are probable very stupid. But may this is simple another tactic to find people that are willing to invest much money in such a bad joke. Clever trader should not waste her time with the InsuredTrading scam and use safe alternatives now!

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