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IntellixSystems is a new website, offering a software called “neurotrader”. It was not easy to see, but it is the same old crap app which has scammer unfortunately sold to poor investors already many times before. They change only the images, a little text and capture a new video and starts to bait traders. You would lose your total deposit if you would join this dishonest money-stealing offer. The whole IntellixSystems starts with an oldie, but a goldie. It claims to be the “world’s first 100 % accurate trading software”. Trader with much attention knowing already, that such a thing like a hundred percent market predict don’t exist and will never exist. This is fact, but we’re still starting. After you read this full post you will know, why the story of IntellixSystems makes absolutely no sense.

IntellixSystems neurotrader – Trading using artificial intelligence?

The concept of IntellixSystems is, that the service think in a piece of a second to decide for trades. To disprove this funny idea is it important to tell a little bit more of computers. But first: Time is not the only limiting factor in the binary option industry. A trade which could stop the time would may increment his winning rate, but will not reach 100 % over a longer time. This is simple unrealistic.

The major question of IntellixSystems statement is: Why calculate a computer more than a thousand times faster than a human? The answer is pretty simple: It is the same reason why a car can move much faster and a scrap metal press is much stronger: Computer was build up to calculate. Human are natural not designed to calculate. They can, but not very good (compared with a computer). Humans are designed to detect pattern. While a human can calculate, a computer can detect pattern. Either the software use mathematical formulas like all current tools do, or it simulates a neuronal network. Neuronal Networks need to train. The creator shows an example data and modify the network to get the right output. A neuronal network can learn that after a Hanging man doji the price will go upwards again – like a human do. But this has the same limits like a human: It sees the charts and say in which direction the market possible move. Nothing more, nothing less.

What IntellixSystems really sell!

The video starts direct with a lot stock photos and tell how great it would be to be rich. The dream of having money is the real sell of these guys. IntellixSystems tells nothing for interesting of traders, only impossible and pointless claims.

Who is Jeff Blumenthal, founder and CEO of IntellixSystems?

It is funny that scams promising the biggest incomes have the cheapest promotion videos. IntellixSystems neurotrader follow the footsteps of viral scams like the Dubai Lifestyle App which promise to make you rich but don’t have enough money to pay a classical scam actor. Jeff Blumenthal, the supposed founder and CEO of Intellix Systems Ltd., is only a stock picture, took from the homepage of the photograph Johnny Shryock. It is impossible to trust anybody who don’t dare to show his real face and use a stock photo.

IntellixSystems Jeff Blumentahl stock photo

IntellixSystems Jeff Blumentahl stock photo

Make speed a hundred percent winning rate possible?

This was already mentioned at the begin of this review, but it is so important that you must come back to this fact. This story get told by a mass of scams, for example the TerabitTrader.  The IntellixSystems neurotrader claims to win each trade while it analyze ten of thousands different market variables. As a binary option trader should you know, that the usage of too many indicator contra productive is. Some trader use only one indicator, most use two or three. But if you use ten or twenty indicators will you only filter out winning signals. You will may get one signal each week, and this will still not reach a hundred percent winning rate – Logic beats lies!

Neuro Trader from Intellix Systems tech – Unbiased Review!

IntellixSystems neurotrader scam review conclusion

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