Internet Coin Exchange scam review! Our experiences!

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Hello, welcome to the Internet Coin Exchange scam review. This experience report will expose all facts to make sure, that you use the right systems. A service has to fulfill many points to categorize it into scam or legit. It is not a classical scam which use well-known tactic to nudge you to lose money. Nevertheless, it is definitive not trustworthy. Please note that the Internet Coin Exchange is not only a useless crap but damage the whole cryptocurrency industry with their dubious offer, and you should not support it. This software is classified more as a scam, to advise all against joining. Please read this short review to the end to learn, why you should not buy coins in this exchange.

Who is behind of the Internet Coin Exchange?

To be honesty, we have no idea. The certificate of the domain is bought about a reseller. The homepage contains at the bottom the small nonsense text line “Copyright © 2017 Internet Coin Exchange. All rights reserved”. There is not a usual about page you find on most even small websites and you will not find any personal or company name in the domain register.

The Internet coin Exchange looks like scam!

This is already the next fact. The Internet Coin Exchange is not associated with any legal registered business name. To work as real Exchange, you need a license like a broker and similar. The international money transfer is very strict regulated. This prevent countries against crimes like tax frauds and money laundering. When you wire transfer money into another land, it becomes delayed to check if it legit. Some lands are more strict than others. With this all looks the Internet Coin Exchange not as acting according the lays.

What offers the Internet Coin Exchange?

That is not direct to see. Internet Coin Exchange’s index page doesn’t contain any description. It contains a big table with a lot encrypted currencies, the actual prices, price change in the last hour and seven days, available supply and a buy button. This is another big red stop sign. It would look more valid when it would introduce itself. Like mentioned above, a legit service answers such basic questions about company and persons that runs it.

Is the Internet Coin Exchange user account a good starting point?

You need to create a personal account to checkout your purchases. It is obviously that there goes something wrong. It is strange, that there is no password repeat field. This is a usual part of each join form, but this is not bad, only curious. The only need personal data are the name, username, state, zip code and email address. Exact address lines and the phone number are optional. The Internet Coin Exchange shows here clearly, why it is rated as scam. When you ever was member of a broker, do you know, that such a service need to verify his members name and address. You don’t need to even confirm your email address.

The Internet Coin Exchange accounts doesn't looks legit

How is  the Internet Coin Exchange’s sell process?

The Internet Coin Exchange has a simple shopping cart system. You add the coin amount you want and continue to the billing process. Interesting is, that you are able to add any amount, even smaller than one Satoshi. This looks like a very cheap scam.

Internet coin exchange's shopping cart

The payment methods are another important factor. It is only possible to buy using a Visa or MasterCard credit card. This is only a conclusion of the already told. The issuer hiding everywhere, and cannot support a big mass of payments methods. It is another problem with this service, because credit cards doesn’t bring the safety you need in this case.

Thank you very much for reading this review about;. All experiences are compared with other offers worst. Please think twice before you use such crap, which is properly illegal. When you are really interested in buying encrypted coins, you may use the most trusted market place coinmama. Good Luck!

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