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AurumTech (aurumcorp.co):

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The Aurumtech by Marco Pierre Shoemaker is a dumb scam. The system claims to be an autotrading robot platform which changing literally the life forever and generate millions of dollars for his members. Take few minutes to read this review to expose all the bad lies and learn why you should keep away from the signing form of this fraud website.

1) Aurumtech Inc is a “stolen” company!

Marco Pierre Shoemaker is the CEO of the company Aurumtech Inc. Here coming up a lot questions. The first thing is to search at informative sources and social networks. All you find about Aurumtech are warnings, that this ominous webpage try to steal money and blow away your deposit. Marco Pierre Shoemaker want to help people which even don’t have the money to invest. This is another lie we are familiar with.

A typical promise is, that the scam actor pay you a lot money if you lose yours; or newer that he transfer you your initial deposit back. That is only a joke! There are legit binary option autotrading apps which generate real profits, but never ever had someone payed money back to his users. The most important fact is, that Aurumtech Inc. of this internet performance doesn’t exist! The headquarter of the real Aurumtech Inc is in Plano, Texas, while the headquarter of the fictive company is in Palo Alto, California. This scam is not associated with the company in Plano in any case.

Aurumtech is a dump scam!

2) There are no personal invitations!

This is a more and more upcoming scam tactic. The Aurumtech homepage is like all the ridiculous softwares public, and allow many people as possible. Marco Pierre Shoemaker tells, somebody cared about you and invite you to this inner circle. This is absolute bs, and an easy to exposable lie. At the end of this testimonial do you find a direct link to this strange offer. This hyperlink is only to validate this blog post and understand which lies the fraudsters try to serve. Please read this review carefully to the end. Then you are sure in the future against other scams, because the repeat over and over the same lies. It does not matter if you share this “high confidential” information, the Aurumtech scam tell you absolutely nothing useful. We will come back later to this fact.

Binary Today 5 SCAM Review!! Legitimate Software?!

3) The promotion video is a cheap production!

The video of the Aurumtech scam is only around five minutes long. While the full video sit the scam actor Marco Pierre Shoemaker and his assistance Gretchen in a car, rented from the RC Investments Inc. in Portland, Orlando. The video is full of spelling errors. Logical, nobody is perfect and anybody makes sometime a typo, but in the Aurumtech scam are the easiest words written wrong, even the company name! (See the image above) Don’t forget, that the Aurumtech Inc. claims to be a company which makes millions of dollar. With an eye at the details, it tells another story: The video is a dump try to bait poor investors and take their money.

4) The Aurumtech won’t tell how is works

The way, an autotrading robot works is a very important fact. In the last months, more and more people find great ways to develop legitimate bots and other systems to earn money. How place the Aurumtech trades? The simple answer is: nobody knows. The only that they tell is, that the Aurumtech use custom “logarythmic” (they mean logarithmic, that has nothing to do with rhythmic) price predict of valuable commodities, mainly gold, silver, platinum and almost others.

For a binary option trader, it makes no different how predict is any asset. No matter if it cost one hundred or one billion USD, the job is simple to say whether the price will raise or fall. Hence, you have to look for stable and not valuable. Legit autotrading systems hold their main focus at currency pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/EUR, because they are most easy to predict. The platforms can handle resources really good and generate strong signals, but the priority are currency pairs.

The logarithm is a basic mathematical function, but for any reason get it not taught in basic schools. It is the reverse function of the exponentiation. For example, two to the power of three is eight (2³ = 8). Hence, the log with the base 2 of eight is three (log2(8) = 3). Others than the root is the default base of the logarithm not two but the irrational constant “e”, Euler’s number, which is nearly 2.7182. Irrational means, that the number is not the ratio of two numbers, hence it has infinity (but not periodical!) digits behind the coma. If you use the log, make sure you use the right base, mostly 2. To conclude this text: The logarithm is only a function and helps not more than multiply or adding to place trades.

Keep away from AurumTech scam!

5) Marco Pierre Shoemaker try to generate panic!

From an objective point of view is this not a bad idea, but all in all it shows only how the Aurumtech try to scam you! We have no idea if the video should looks like a life stream, but the idea behind is to enter your name and mail address, that he can address you right and that he can contact you in the event connectivity issues with this video or other unforeseen circumstances. WTF has the video connection with the ways to contact to do?

Additional, it is a basic security precaution, so they can make sure they don’t dealing with any shady governmental spider robots. Idiotically scammers, that is a video! The really funny parts starts now! The game is to enter your contact details before Marco Pierre Shoemaker reaches his airplane. Before he enters it, he tells that you have only seconds left to “board this plane now with him or remain on the ground empty handed”. This kind of panic-mongering is already well-known and a typical sign of scams!

Aurumtech scam conclusion:

Yes, the Aurumtech is definitive not a legitimate service. Here do you find the five most important facts, but there are still a lot smaller too. Marco Pierre Shoemakers system will not work, the Aurumtech is a scam!

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