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Why should I use this demo account?

Welcome to your free CFD/Binary Option demo account. Many websites and broker offer demo accounts. That most of them expecting to deposit real money is a big disadvantage. We are not a broker and you are not our customer, hence we take no money from you. That you are cannot be sure to receive real data in a broker account is another problem. We have no interest to let a bad trade looking like a winner. This CFD/Binary Option demo account was created to help you to start and learn CFD and Binary Option now without any risk.

Do I need a free account to start with the online CFD/Binary Option demo?

To make the start easy as possible, can you use the CFD/Binary Option demo account without registration. When you are not logged in, your new personal guest demo account get created and authenticated with a random key in your browser cookies. This account become deleted after around 30 days of inactivity. After clearing your cookies, you lose your access to your trading account. In this case become a brand-new account created on your next visit. To keep your account forever (no deletion in the case of inactivity and no storage in your cookies) create a 無料アカウント 2 分。

Trade Contract for Difference in the demo account

Contract for Difference (CFD) is a trading offer and a derivative of the typeTotal Return Swap. You buy not direct an asset on an exchange, but predict only on the price. That means, you will not own the underlying asset, you get just a payout depending on the price movement. Most Broker support a very big spectrum of CFD assets, like currency pairs, crypto currencies, stocks, indices, resources, futures and may much more. This demo account supports current currency pairs and cryptocurrencies.

CFD has many advantages, compared with the direct buy. A big advantage of CFD is, that you can trade in both directions: You can bet that the price will rise, but may that the price fall too. A trade for rising price is called long, a trade for falling price short.

Another great functions that makes CFD better than buying assets is the leverage. This allow to manage your risk. When you for example buy an asset at the price of $10 with an investment of $50 5 times and sell it at the price of $20, did you double your portfolio to $100. With a CFD leverage of 1:2 quadruple your profit in this case really to $200! On the other side will this double your lost and you lost your whole investment already, when the price of the asset reaches $5. Contract for Difference could be profitable, in some cases more than Binary Options. With the leverage is it no problem to choose your own perfect risk management.

Take Profit is the price level, when your trade close automatic after earning enough money. It is relative to your investment and current at least 25 %. The Stop Loss is the level when your trade close after it moved too much against your prediction and current 100 % of your investment. In fact is the Take Profit the same as Stop Loss, like サポートとレジスタンス. The names just swaps depending on you predicted price movement direction.

CFD are usual hold over some hours or may days. Strategics over month are possible but usual not used. The price could change overnight and weekend very strong, and most broker charge fees for holding a trade overnight. This demo account current doesn’t implement fees.

Trade classic Binary options in the demo account

Classic binary options are very easy to understand. First select the asset of your choice from the list left. Current are many regular-in-regular and encrypted-in-regular currency pairs supported. Each option has a fixed expiration time. Select the expiration in the combobox on the top. Current are the next five quarter of an hour available, but the minimum duration of a trade in the demo account are five minutes.

Next to the expiration date is the text form for your investment amount. The minimal investment per trade are in the demo account $25, like on most brokers. Please keep your money management strategy always in mind, it is recommended at most five percent of your deposit. These are $1.000 with the initial deposit of $20.000, but $25 are still enough, because the payout is relative to your investment.

The payout of real brokers is generated dynamic using profit/loss, in this demo account is it fixed to 180 % for regular currency pairs and 160 % for encrypted currencies. This is a good average. To place a trade press the CALL button if you think the price will be higher or the PUT button if you think the price will be lower.

古典的なバイナリ オプションのベストは、wins の簡単な決定を失う: あなた (と呼ばれる勝利 お金で)、呼び出し貿易を配置するときと、価格は有効期限日の価格より高い (と呼ばれる貿易を配置した瞬間に ストライク率) または置く貿易を配置、ストライク率を下回る価格。戻ってあなたの全体の投資を取得価格がストライク率で正確な閉じられたとき (と呼ばれる お金を)、他を失った (と呼ばれる お金の) 貿易。

Send your improvement suggestions and opinions about the CFD/Binary Option demo account

This CFD/Binary Option demo account is current in the beta phase and under active development. Please send your feedback to the platform using the チケット システム, direct per mail to 使ったり、 お問い合わせフォーム. Nevertheless, write us if you need any help, for example with a strategy or a signal generator. And don’t forget to see the live in the YouTube channels. A mobile version is current still in development.



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