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Pay attention before you join the Lucrosa autotrader. Take time and read this review until end to see a clear verdict about Lucrosa. Many autotrader increment you money step by step, but some fishy services try only to blow your deposit away. Remember about many scams got already reviewed, most scam tactics are already well-known. The most important question is whether a trading session at Lucrosa is even by a newbie reliable or will you lose all your money?

How works the Lucrosa autotrader?

A major part of Binary Option trading is transparency. Neither the homepage of the App Lucrosa nor John Lucrosa will tell how it works. But this is an important information. The only information is, that this should be a brilliant auto trading robot. An investor should never join a service which isn’t full honestly to him.

Scam actor John Lucrosa is a big liar

How much money can you earn with Lucrosa?

John Lucrosa promise more than $7.000 daily. He wants to give you $600 if you watch the promotion video. But don’t believe him! has watched the full video and didn’t get any cash from them. 😉 He claims that you will earn more than $200.000 each month. On average a month has 22 working days. You will not reach $200.000 in a month if you make (round up) $8.000 each day.

Lucrosa would make a exclusively club of 20 people after one year trading binary options to mega millionaires. The domain record of tells another story: The registration date is the 2016-07-24. That means the domain of this supposedly unique autotrading platform is only about one month old. It is hard to believe that anybody became here his financial freedom before the system was online. That is especially interesting because the first customer named at the homepage, Alice Smithers, has allegedly joined at 2016-06-28. The live profile of these users is another fraud tactic. This shows for each user different trades and average profit for each member. A working autotrader will calculate good trades and place them at all of his members. The idea a software start for each user an own thread to calculate trading occupations separately is idiotic.

PRIZM Tech is a travesty of a trading system!

How many spots are available?

That is an interesting question. John Lucrosa say he let only a little part of all interested persons into the autotrader. That is not an untypical setting of a binary option robot. Slowly more legit apps let only a small group of people into. Logical, the video gives only an overall place count. But the content of the website expose the lie. At the top of the homepage is MEMBER PLACES AVAILABLE: 21 written. At the bottom of the homepage above the registry form is MEMBER PLACES AVAILABLE: 11 written. Both spot counter will never change, this is only static text and will not say how much places current are available.

Why did they write 2 different values at the homepage? The reason is simple. This scam authors thinking you are really stupid. The idea behind is that a potential member will read at the top of the webpage 21, later below 11 and think, that already 10 spots taken by other user. This is to generate panic over the free places. It is a very lazy and easy to expose scam tactic.

Is Lucrosa scam? The conclusion:

Entering the Lucrosa trading network is not safe! The main goal of this review was to figure out whether this application is a scam or a legit autotrading robot software. To summarize the post in total you will only find classical lies and other scam tactics. The scam actor, John Lucrosa, use the sequence what let go all red alarm siren on! Put away your credit card, he has nothing to sell, and similar sentence. These are default texts by scam actors and a regular strategy. After collecting lots of experience and review many scam services that is an often heard statement.

Put away your credit card Nothing to sell

The sum which Lucrosa promise are a contradiction. Unrealistic and strange earnings promises are another scam tactic. It is obviously that John Lucrosa and the other lame persons are only scam actors. From the logical view is only result possible:

Lucrosa is only a scam!

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One Reply to “Lucrosa is a scam? Read this full review to expose the truth!”

Imelda Polk

June 28, 2017 at 3:29 pm

Attention: The Lucrosa App autotrader was already online a long time ago and had a relaunch.
I was member of it and lost my first deposit within hours. I received steadily mails to deposit still more cash. Please never join this money stealing crap.


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