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Hello, welcome to the Maximus Crypto Bot experiences and scam review. You might hear about Maximus, the creator of the Maximus Edge AutoBot. This is the allegedly best autotrader for regular currency pairs. It supports Bitcoins too but is not specialized in encrypted coins. In the past weeks had Maximus the idea to build up a way for earning money from this kind of assets. He didn’t follow the first assumption and updated Maximus Edge, but his team created a new powerful software: The Maximus Crypto Bot, the worldwide best software for trading encrypted currencies. As leading financial blog was one of the first external sources, that got direct access to this unique trading platform. Please read this whole review to the end, it covers all reasons that makes Maximus Crypto Bot to the best crypto autotrader of all time. Let us first start, how the Maximus EA works.

Maximus CryptoBot doesn’t accept new user anymore; see the best trading app, even in time of COVID-19: Calloway Crypto System

Please delete your cookies before you click on the link and use only hyperlinks of your trusted blog. Scammers like it to copy good software to cheat investors.

Maximus Crypto Bot experiences and scam review: How works the EA?

First, we want to figure out, how the Maximus Crypto Bot works. It bases, like Maximus Edge, on an expert advisor, called the Maximus Edge EA. An expert advisor is comparable with an indicator, but contains functions to trade direct instead of displaying just data. This became ported and adjusted to fit special for encrypted currencies. It is a mix of the five most profitable and used indicators Bollinger Bands, Privot levels, Stochastic RSI, MACD and Fibonacci. If you are interested into technical analytics, please be free to read the related articles, but you don’t need previous knowledge to start with Maximus Crypto Bot. Just join for free and start following the high profitable signals. The simple system does the work for you, it is suitable for contract for differences and crypto, and for day trader or long time investment.

Maximus Crypto Bot experiences and scam review

Are good brokers to Maximus Crypto Bot connected?

Maximus Crypto Bot try like his older brother only to support the best brokers. It sorts periodical old broker with the worst payouts out and connect new with a high reputation to be and stay the best. It is usual that some haters try to give brokers bad votes and write fake experience reports, but Maximus has access to thousand of traders to determine really the best brokers. That the broad choice of brokers are full licensed and regulated is natural.

How high is the winning rate of the Maximus Crypto Bot?

The profitability of a software that are used for contract for differences is not easy to determine. On average are current around 85 % to 95 % of all trades winners, but for contract of differences is it important how much the price moves, not if it is profitable. All in all determines the Maximus Crypto Bot trends very good to provide consistent profits and increment your deposit exponential. You must trade longer to determine the winning rate over time, but you can expect, that you win at least 85 of 100 trades. Now we see, if the Maximus Crypto Bot is safe.

Maximus CryptoBot FAQ

Is the Maximus Crypto Bot safe?

An important part of a website is the security. The Maximus Crypto Bot contains a real certificate, issued by the trusted company comodo. All in- and outgoing traffic with the website is full encrypted. That means, nobody can grab your traffic. The Maximus Crypto Bot takes no money, all transactions are done direct with the broker of your choice. Except a strong password is all for your safety done by Maximus, you don’t need to bother about. But when is the best time to trade?

When is the best time to trade with Maximus Crypto Bot?

The usual recommended time is 11:00 to 20:00 UTC. This doesn’t depend on the software you use, but on  the opening of the  exchanges. Between 14:00 and 15:00 opening Atlantic stock markets (NY, Canada, Mexican and NASDAQ), many trader take a break in this hour. When an exchange opening moving the market prices partial crazy and are hard to predict. It is better to follow these times to stay safe. For encrypted currencies be more carefully at start and end of the working week (Monday and Friday). Let us now see how the autotrading bots go viral in the medias.

Is the Maximus Crypto Bot in the media?

Many scammers and jerks that have no clue about trading gave Maximus Edge a negative review and bad ratings, but luckily have the overall trustworthy blogs shown that it is the world best autotrader – until now. You can expect, that the same will happen to Maximus Crypto Bot. At YouTube are ten of thousand videos to prove the truth. There are too much to link all, but please always follow the right video channels get new trading videos and news as soon as possible. Please note, that some the following quotes are may automatic or by human translated. Please view the English version for the original texts.

Maximus CryptoBot Software is far from being a scam and it’s one, if not the most reliable software in 2018. It’s actually the best software since the first edition of Maximus Edge AutoBot.

We highly recommend you to check Maximus CryptoBot, whether you want to become a better trader or just curious on how to get started. This software can fit both beginners and pros getting your feet wet in the Crypto world.

This is definitely NOT A SCAM simply because we’ve made some extra bucks with it recently. Also the innovation to have both Forex and Cryptocurrency trading signal in one platform surely provides greater opportunities for profit. As opposed to traders that only has access to either one of the trading asset class!

The Maximus CryptoBot Software is 100% TRUSTED and highly recommended. This is the software we had been waiting for months at the Binary Living Way family, and they have absolutely gone beyond our expectations. It’s time to start making money!

Maximus Crypto Bot is one of the best automated solutions that generates consistent returns over a considerable amount of time. It is completely legit software which helps investors to supplement their income by only having to customize few trading parameters to their liking (if it is needed).


Now it is definitively time to finally join the Maximus Crypto Bot for free.

How to join the Maximus Crypto Bot?

Thank you for reading this Maximus Crypto Bot experiences and scam review. Maximus Crypto Bot is current full free for at least three months membership, and ready to use. Just clear your cookies, visit the official homepage and watch the video. Then enter your full name and your best email address to get instant access into the interface. When you still need a great broker or have further questions, please contact us at [email protected], using the contact form or write simple a ticket. Good luck!

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May 21, 2018 at 9:26 am

Fasse deine Meinung zusammen oder hebe ein interessantes Detail hervor

Maximus CryptoBot ist soooo genial. Hatte vorher nur bs und die Hoffnung schon aufgegeben, dass jemals ein Programm wirklich Gewinne bringt. Mit Maximus CryptoBot reichen bereits wenige Minuten Arbeit aus, um meinen Job zu kündigen. Nun kann ich mein Leben ohne Geldsorgen genießen! Ich bin so glücklich, ich kann es kaum in Worte fassen.


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