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Hello, welcome to the Maximus Edge AutoBot scam review. Max, called Maximus, offer an expert advisor just for free. That is reason enough to take an accurate look at to find out if it is a trustworthy safe service or the usually time and money waste. It is not a secret that the binary option industry is very profitable, but some black sheep try to bait customer and sell their crap software. The right app is more than simple placing trades, but security, usability, support and even profits. An accurate review take a deep look and watch the offer from all sides. Read now this review to learn all over the Maximus Edge AutoBot and EA. If you already tested this tool, please take a few moments to write a user review below.

To shorten a long review say we first, that the Maximus Edge AutoBot App awesome is. We have tested and verified the ITM rate of about 84 %, while 90 % are still possible. You won’t get only a scam-free autotrader, but the platform is rich on features, you would miss on any other software. It is now approved as profitable for our follower and free to join and start earning money.

Unfortunately, Maximus Edge AutoBot is already closed for new registrations. Please try the newest app with a win rate of up to 94 %: Crypto MasterBot.

Tip: Just create an account, you don’t need to invest anything yet. Here and at other legit websites are a lot trading results and strategies available. You could just log in and invest when you like what you see, because you own already your personal account. Contact us, if you want see results by a verified third party. We want to clarify all questions to make sure, you be most profitable as possible.

How the Maximus Edge AutoBot works

The Maximus Edge AutoBot uses a special expert advisor. An expert advisor is nothing more than an indicator with the ability to trade. This expert advisor, called the Maximus Edge EA, combined five great indicators. Great means not, that they are better than other. Each indicator has applications for which it is particularly suited, but these five are the most used and are used in the most profitable strategies: Bollinger Bands, Privot levels, Stochastic RSI, MACD and Fibonacci. You may read the articles about these Indicators on this homepage, but you don’t need previous knowledge about technical analyze, only that the Maximus Edge AutoBot do the work for you. The Maximus Edge AutoBot became adjusted, tweaked and optimized to become profitable as possible after years of research.

Maximus Edge AutoBot use Straddle, Risk Reversal and Hedging strategy

Profitable of Maximus Edge AutoBot

The Maximus Edge AutoBot reaches a winning rate of 84 % over time. It is important to trade longer to see the whole ITM rate, it is impossible to see it after only five or ten trades. It is always calculated as the average over a longer time. You won’t become a millionaire overnight or a month, but this rate is enough to increment your deposit steadily and exponential. In may a week do you have doubled your money, in the next week have you doubled this money, and so on…

Maximus Edge AutoBot and usability

The Maximus Edge AutoBot is a semi-automatic trading service. The system is a signal generator. There are two ways to trade. The first are global signals over a longer time. But this is not all, you can activate signals for each of your broker. All broker don’t have the exact same asset prices. With this is it possible to handle each broker individually and deliver even short-term signals. The genius risk management is a function, we really love. You set up the preferred assets, your daily stop lost, daily investment sum and investment per trade for each broker individually.

We recommend leaving all assets active, none of them have a general higher ITM- or OTM-Rate than other. Clicking few Buttons could not be easier, it is suitable for anybody. We prefer semi-automatic systems more than others. The clue is, that you always keep the full control over trades and your deposit. Leaving money in the hand of a system, which place automatic trades, leave a bad taste in the mouth. A semi-automatic system make it easier to test. You can always stop using the Maximus Edge AutoBot without consequences, but you definitive won’t!

Maximus Edge AutoBot interface overview

Maximus Edge AutoBot honesty check

Anybody agrees that honesty for a financial system very important is. Max tell you nothing wrong. But let’s start with Maximus as person. He is has a lot skills and view back to years of experience. A nice guy and exists real. Nearly all scam systems use paid actors to present the offer and lie a lot. Max tell only facts, while other systems try only to sell anything. A classical case are unrealistic promises. Max tells the truth, you will not become rich overnight. This is simple impossible. At the whole homepage will you not find any lie.

Maximus Edge AutoBot charts

Another point we love is the full chart function, better than any broker. This make it easy to see Support and Resistances, before you place your trade. It is not necessary, but a very easy strategy to maximizing your profit. It supports not only currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, futures, CFD and still more, but offer all usually timeframes and over 50 technical and fundamental indicators. This give undreamt-of possibilities, you can use each strategy you like to earn the big money. The Japanese Candlesticks are the most used chart view, but some prefer others. There are current ten different chart views supported.

Maximus Edge AutoBot contains a full working chart solution

Your first steps

The first you should do is to become familiar with the chart software. The textfield at the top left set up the asset, like EURUSD (EUR/USD works too). Right of them is the selection of the time frame. The button with three dots is for typing in the time frame fast, the button with the downward arrow show all possible selection. Click on the star in the combobox menu to add the frame as favorite into the menu bar.

The next button with the icon of a line and candles show the indicators. Here is the star to add to the favorites a to the left of the menu items, and the favorites become only added to a menu to the left. On top left is a search form. The button with the weighing scale shows a window to show another asset for comparison. The most right is the selection of the view. No matter if you prefer Japanese Candlesticks, Bars or Lines, it works exactly like the time frame buttons.

Trade with basic Support/Resistance strategy

Look now at the first signal and this asset. Select the right timeframe for the signal. If it is closing in one hour, open the one hour or half an hour time frame, when it closes in ten minutes open the one, three or five minutes time frame. Now open the indicator list menu and search for the Williams Fractals. The indicator list is in the top left corner below the menu bar. There are buttons for settings and removing, but the fractals have only needless style settings (size and color).

Look at the current price, it has to be below the rightmost upper fractals candles high and lower fractals candles low. These are your Support and Resistance. When the price left one of both lines, ignore the signal (but keep in mind, that prices are not exactly). Wait now until the price is in close to the lower SR-level when you trade a CALL signal, or until the price is close to the higher line, when you trade a PUT signal. When the price is in the center of both levels, take in the meanwhile a look to the next signal charts.

Maximus Edge AutoBot basic support/resistance strategy

Maximus Edge AutoBots broker

The broker is a good indication for great services. The Maximus Edge AutoBot support a broad of full licensed and regulated broker. It assigns the assumed best broker for your location. If you are not happy the broker, you have always the way to change them. A CySec license makes sure that your deposit money is safe. That is a big difference to usual scams. Such systems support one fixed unregulated broker, which mostly steal your money. We don’t say that absolutely all unregulated broker are thieves, that is not true. But with the Maximus Edge AutoBot are you at the save side. If you are already member of a supported broker, can you easily connect them. There is no need to create a second account.

Maximus Edge AutoBot’s safety

An important factor is the online safety. There is no doubt, that the Maximus Edge AutoBot take this seriously. When you visit the homepage, the connection become protected with a strong 128 Bit encryption. This makes sure, all details are transferred safe, and guarantee data integrity. While this is by now standard, transferring many scams their data over unencrypted channel. The Maximus Edge AutoBot has never personal details, except your full name.

Maximus Edge AutoBot is SSL protected

Fast, good support!

This is hard to test, the Maximus Edge AutoBot works so easy that there are no problems. But we managed to contact the support and prompt help. The email support react very fast and is friendly and helpful. It is very unlikely that you ran in any problems, but it is a great feeling to know, that you are not left alone when you stuck.

When is the best time to trade with Maximus Edge AutoBot?

The recommended time is general 11:00 to 20:00 UTC, no matter which software you use. Outside this time are only less important stock exchanges open. Many trader take a break between 14:00 and 15:00, because at this times opening the Atlantic stock markets (NASDAQ, NY, Mexican, Canada). While a market opening, some asset prices may drives crazy. Do at weekend anything others. Some strange services tell you can trade seven days each week. That is true, but the stocks at weekends are not suitable for binary options and very risky.

Is Maximus Edge AutoBot really free?

Yes, that is true. It is not associated with any broker, the system become only linked with your account. Max takes current no fees and nowhere are costs hidden. Join and start to trade immediate. But we have no information how long the offer is available for free. The Maximus Edge AutoBot is a brilliant software, and it is strong recommend joining now.

Maximus Edge AutoBot doesn’t offer a broker for me?

Max try to support as most locations as possible, but some are not available. There are different reasons. One of them is, that Maximus use only legit regulated broker. The other is, that not all broker support autotrader. The best example are the United States, where it is only legal to trade with a CFTC-regulated broker. Nadex is here the only possible binary option trading platform, which doesn’t provide support for external software.

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4 Replies to “Maximus Edge AutoBot scam review! Experience report !!!”


September 25, 2017 at 5:48 am


Vielen Dank für den super Tipp!! Der Autotrader ist genial!!
Und vielen Dank für die 100 Dollar!!


janine k

September 25, 2017 at 12:55 pm

so good

thank you for the money, love you all <3
the software has all you need to make money
charts, news, signals, risk management
better is not possible


Kristian J.

October 3, 2017 at 2:50 pm

Unfassbar gut!

Danke, danke, danke! Ich bin zwar erst seit zwei Stunden Mitglied vom Maximus Edge Autobot, habe aber bereits mein Geld verdoppelt. Wenn dass so weitergeht, werde ich nächste Woche kündigen.



October 4, 2017 at 2:31 pm

my bank account brim over

Heyjo this maximus bot is amazing
I made around 2500 $ in the first week
Payed all my debts and have no idea what to buy with the left money


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