Megadroid scam review! All facts of this Forex trading system!

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Megadroid is a scam Forex autotrader, try to steal money from their customers. While this website yet review Binary option services, is it not less important to protect customer against other fraudsters. This is an app, claims to quadruple each invested dollar multiply your initial deposit steadily. Read this review not for a critical view at the application and to learn all you need to know about it.

Megadroid scam review

Megadroid scam review analytic

The homepage of the Forex trader scam Megadroid looks very simple. A potential customer has to click through five mostly static pages full of texts and few scam widgets. This is good for mobile users, but for a desktop Internet connection looks it like a webpage from the first years of Internet. Especially seems it not to be like a company, earning millions of dollar. The page contains an external hosted video clip, but it doesn’t start automatic. Watching the video is not worth the time. It tells nothing usefully to traders, even you don’t see a persons face speaking.

The Megadroid scam claims to earn over 15.408 % (yes, fifteen thousand) profit in only 3018 days (8 years). That is more than unrealistic. A good Forex trader earn 10 % profits each in one year, some more. That you won’t have $15.000 after 8 years in your brokers account, if you invest today a single dollar should be very clear. To promote the scam Megadroid with the statement, that it quadruple (this means to make $1 to $4, e. G. two times duplicating) all money you deposit makes absolutely no sense. A legit automatic Forex trader earn steadily money and increment your deposit slowly. That means it doesn’t run one times and quadruple your money immediate. This is just another fraud statement of this scam.

Megadroid's fake claims

Who is behind the Megadroid?

Megadroid warns exactly for these scam tactics, that it use. Nowhere at Megadroids scam website do you find the accurate information about the issuer. The Domain was registered under the name “DOMAIN ADMINISTRATION”. Even under the contact page do you find only the name “Customer Support Center”. A robot creator that don’t say who he is let go all red alarm lamps on. You must trust a software that places trades with your deposit, and you cannot trust anybody that doesn’t show his face.

Megadroid gives many promises but few truth

At the Megadroid do you find typical badges. The scam software should looks like validated by a third person. A real icon would at least contains the name of the issuer. Google is our friend to expose such a scam – a quick search shows that these images are only related to the Megadroid: It is just another trick to scam investors. These fraudsters have drawn their own images that customer believe their software is the money worth.

Megadroids fake income

The 38 years combined FX trading experiences is another weird statement. Assuming this app was invented by a team of one hundred guys and gals means, each of them had on average about 6 months trading experiences. That’s nothing. Such abstract texts could be truth and are still only a way to scam traders.

Megadroid is a binary file

The Megadroid is a software download, claims to be downloaded and install in under five minutes. This is not a regular scam tactic but one of the many small lies to sell their product. How can anybody promise to download it in under five minutes, if they don’t know what for an Internet connection you use? They can’t. Most of mobile provider here offer only limited traffic. After used these, they cut the speed down to a minimum. With this curbed slow speed is it impossible to download few Megabytes in five minutes.

Megadroid is dangerous, because it is a binary file you have to execute. Such an application can do whatever it likes, for example logging your credit card and bank account password and much more. You should never install a software you cannot trust to avoid malware, and the Megadroid scam is definitively not trustworthy. All recommended software become either controlled by a web interface or are Metatrader indicators, which are executed in a safe environment. For webservices do you don’t need to download a file, only an actual webbrowser.

Megadroid download claims

Megadroid claims to be the only robot in the industry which have a mechanism to avoid a Forex broker detect the use of the software. They called it feature called the “Broker buster”. That sounds like they creators have tested and disassembled each one. It is logical that this is not possible with the current mass of crap systems available.

Megadroid scam conclusion

Megadroid costs current $67, with tax may about $80. That is a lot money, while current all recommended software are a hundred percent free to use. The Megadroid sellers write a lot at the homepage, but very less really important. That is a mix of small and big lies to sell their crap product. The promised 95.82 % are unrealistic and will never reached. The funny part is that Megadroid warns exactly about the scam tactics, it uses. It is easy to find the right verdict: Megadroid is a scam, avoid it!

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