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The Ethereum Code is just after the kod Bitcoin a new system, promising to make you rich using encrypted currencies. But what is behind? We are not sure about the big bosses, created this offer, such persons know how to hide the own identity. You should always consult a reliable blog before you join a trading software. Be rather safe than sorry and don’t wait to read an accurate review, and don’t forget to mail your questions. Scam authors like to change the frontend of a homepage to sell their crap over and over again, while in the backend the same scam system places random trades and blows your deposit away. Read now this Ethereum Code scam review with our experiences to the end to learn and the reasons, why it is better to stay away.

Our experiences with the Ethereum Code

The Ethereum Code is a homepage full of scam widgets, you better keep away. We will analyze the offer from top to the bottom. In the rightmost upper corner are the logos of Forbes, CNN, Time’s Money dan Fortune. This is very easy to check: A search at the named websites brought not any resultThey have never heard about the Ethereum Code.

Below the video scrolling the supposed current wins from right to left. That is a simple JavaScript widget and pure fake. There scrolling steadily the same names and sums. These are images loaded from a static folder of the webserver. One of the pictures, for example, shows Susan Thompson, one of the employees of Cella Consulting, which never have traded binary options. The Ethereum code doesn’t even support to upload user images. It tries to look more legit than other usual software, but it is not enough.

Ethereum Codes fake win images (1)

Ethereum Codes fake win images (2)

Susan Thompson, employee of Cella Consulting

At the bottom of the homepage is an area of supposed Facebook comments. But don’t try to press any of the links. That aren’t real comments, that are dumb images. The Ethereum Code use again real persons. One of them is the Page honoring Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, the mathematician who wrote as Lewis Carroll the book Alice Adventures in Wonderland.

Ethereum Code's fake image of a Facebook post

When you move the mouse cursor outside the homepage viewport, the scripts shows a new frame and warning you, that you will lose the $10.000 weekly paycheck. We know that only scams try to stop with such strange tricks. Such services trying to look like a unique limited time offer with limited capacity, but want to stop you leaving this page? A clear contradictory behavior. The modal frame is fact, hence the lie must be the unique limited time offer.

Ethereum Code's scam popup

A very similar scam tactics is to stop a page unload by firing a listener and showing a confirm box. In details means it, the Ethereum Code show a box asking if you sure to leave the website and loads in the background another text: You’re Making A Big Mistake! Luckily, there’s still time to reverse your error and claim one of the 6 spots left in The Ethereum Code. It’s more like the last desperate attempt to nudge you to join. Only 6 spots left and the Ethereum Code try stop a page change with this annoying trick? No way!

Ethereum Code's scam redirect page

Ethereum Code’s scam video

We have already a lot scam fact collected to know why we are keep away, but before we come to the best way to trade, let’s first look at the video in general. The guy on the video doesn’t tell his name explicit or introduce oneself. He tells only he is an account manager in the Switzerland and made money as a key-holder of the secret. But Ethereum or crypto-currencies are and was never a secret. If you expect to hear how to make money, will you be disappointed. You come not even to know, how the Ethereum Code works, but this for a reasonread below. You can never trust somebody that doesn’t show his face. Watching the video is wasting of your time, rather watch real videos at YouTube.

Ethereum Code's video

Ethereum Code scam review conclusion

The Ethereum Code use all known scam tactics and lies. There is nothing real. The Ethereum Code is not even a trader of cryptically currencies, it is a binary option autotrader. You don’t own in binary options an asset but predict only the price movement. The Ethereum Code is a scam! Please use only verified legit apps.

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