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Martingale strategyA warning!

This is to tell and warn you about Martingale strategy. Never use them if you don’t know exact what you do! This strategy is not new and has many names. The true origin is already in the 18th Century. A long time before binary option trading became popular online casinos try already to scam people using that strategy.

How the Martingale strategy works

The idea behind this strategy is really simple: If you lose invest the double sum in the same direction. In binary option trading often are short term options used. It is expected that after some bullish bars a bearish bar occursand vice versa. The scam tactic is that most people have problems with probabilities. If you presuppose a 50/50-Chance that a candle is bullish or bearish, after a bullish candle it is not more likely that a bearish candle occurs. The chance of the next candle is again 50/50. Its right, each loses you come closer to the win. But the probability doesn’t say when you will win. Another fact of this strategy is the exponentially growing of your investment sum. Back to the online casinos: The typical usage is Roulette. Set your money at red or black. If you lose double your investment sum and set it on the same again. If you start with $ 1, after 3 loses, your next investment would be $ 8, your gain of this win would be $ 16 and your profit would be 16(1 + 2 + 4 + 8) = 1615 = $ 1. Would you risk $ 8 to gain possibly $ 1? Every time you get only your initial investment sum. It happened in the past that in a Casino at Roulette came 36 times in a row black. That means the next investment of a player with a start investment of $ 1 would be 1 * (2 to the power of 36): $ 68.719.476.736. No legit casino of this world would allow such a high investment and no logic thinking human would risk losing 68 million USD to gain $ 1 more.


Martingale strategy conclusion

It is possible to makes money with the Martingale strategy. But never try them if you are not already a professional trader! That’s why earn-money.today gives here not any tip for Martingale. Less loses are enough to lose all of your money.

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