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Maximus CryptoBot released just a week ago, and we got only positive experiences. It is without doubt the current best trading tool for cryptocurrencies and forex. We have not only convinced ourselves from the accurate signals, but following other independent blogs, especially on YouTube, because we are always interested in other opinions. This post should answer questions we get per comments and mail, don’t wait if you want anything to know. Please read this whole FAQ below, before you start to earn making money.

Is Maximus CryptoBot a full automatic trading tool?

No, and this is good. Many scammers advertise their crap as asetup-and-forget-software. It is very dangerous to let a software the whole access to your portfolio. It happened very often that such a app was activated and blow the deposit overnight away. In fact is Maximus CryptoBot not a real semi-autotrader, it is just a signal generator. When you want to place a trade, do you this direct in your broker platform. The greatest advantage of this is, that some users tell about synchronization problems between the semi-automatic traders and brokers. This problem is with Maximus CryptoBot resolved. Additional gives it the great opportunity to full combine the signals with the own trading strategy and risk management.

What can I trade with Maximus CryptoBot?

The Maximus CryptoBot was primary developed to trade encrypted currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin, but Max and his Team implemented the functions of his previous working autotrader. An especially for crypto fitting expert advisor helps to trade encrypted currencies with high accuration, but you can still trade regularly assets using the thousand times proved function of Maximus Edge AutoBot.

Do I need to use Maximus Edge AutoBot when I use Maximus CryptoBot?

No, because the Maximus CryptoBot implement already additional to the new functions the indicator of Maximus Edge AutoBot. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t completely ignore it, You find a lot live-trading videos and reviews, proving the results you will get in Maximus CryptoBot too.

Exists really fake copies of Maximus CryptoBot?

There is an online-toolkit to build autotrading bots, called white label robots. We have already exposed a lot of these apps to make sure that you don’t join such a scam. The scam authors create a new frontend, but in the background always blow the same crap scripts your deposit away. Mostly when a legit autotrader releases coping these scammers the index page and register they under a similar domain name. Please follow the links in your trusted blog to make sure, you will ever use the right system.

→Real Maximus CryptoBot

What winning rate can I expect with Maximus CryptoBot?

The trading results of Maximus CryptoBot are great. When you use a good trading strategy should you reach a winning rate of over 90 %, the average winning rate over time are 93%. You will on some fortunately days reaches a winning rate of 100 %. This is a big different to scams. Many scams become promoted by a winning rate of always 100 %. But Maximus CrypytoBot and trusted blogs don’t try to fabricate such lie. You may win 100 %, but neither an application nor a no human trader can win absolutely each trade. We are proud to make the truth clear and recommend only absolutely honesty services.

When is the best time to trade with Maximus CryptoBot?

Masa yang biasa disyorkan ialah 11:00 hingga 20:00 UTC. Ini tidak bergantung pada perisian yang anda gunakan, tetapi pembukaan sedemikian. Antara 14:00 dan 15:00 membuka pasaran saham Atlantik (NY, Amerika Syarikat, Mexico dan NASDAQ), ramai peniaga mengambil sebentar dalam jam ini. Apabila pembukaan Pertukaran bergerak harga pasaran separa gila dan adalah sukar untuk meramalkan. Ia adalah lebih baik untuk mengikuti zaman ini untuk kekal selamat. Bagi matawang dienkripsi akan lebih berhati-hati pada permulaan dan penghujung minggu kerja (Isnin dan Jumaat). Marilah sekarang melihat bagaimana autotrading bots pergi virus di dalam media.

How can I join the Maximus CryptoBot?

First, follow the link below. It is recommended but not necessary to clear your browser cookies before you visit the homepage. Some websites don’t work correctly when the browser cookies are already set, but this occur very rarely. On the website can you type in your full name and best email address. You get immediate access to this genius software.

→Start with Maximus CryptoBot


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