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Multiplexer by Richard Ewing is only a scam. These fraudsters take any words which sounds nice and use it in any dump way. Read now this testimonial carefully to expose all the bad tactics and find ways to start making money online!

Make me the Multiplexer rich today?

Of course, it won’t. Unrealistic promises like $850 per hour ain’t new for use. But forget the dream of becoming a millionaire after two or three months trading binary option. Never ever has any system perform a proof of such a high income. The reason is simple: Accurate legitimate autotrading softwares uses well-working money management strategies. Such a kind of no-loss system don’t exist and will never exist. No matter if you ask a day trader with use them as secondary income, or a professional trader with life from his income: The honest answer is always that such a trading platform can never exist. Predict the market movement with around 90 % accuration is the highest current reached results. That is why there is a category for no loss scams, to honor this kind of scam applications.

Multiplexers scam actor Richard Ewing

The other often seen lie is the idea, you can earn each hour profits. There are really assets which are open at weekend, but as a binary option trader it is better to forget them.  All the great traders and legit autotrading apps take the focus primary at EUR, USD, GBP, and miscellany currencies. Some can handle resources like Gold, Silver and Oil. But each will keep away from strange assets, which are open at weekend. Hence, you will not make profits at 21 o’clock UTC and weekend and no valid user will tell you anything others. This is a fact!

It is dangerous, that the Multiplexer scam tell you get your income tax free. This depends strong at your place of residence. Some countries allow to make some money tax-free, but with the right tool will you hit the limits and must according to the laws found a company. No one will pay income taxes for you, it is always your job! Acting like the Multiplexer scam suggest is a big crime.

Multiplexer use scam- after scam tactic!

The Multiplexer scam advertise with permanent user support. But nowhere at the homepage is a way to contact. All the social network icons are only a fake. There is no disclaimer and not any information about the creators. Hence, you have no chance to contact the Multiplexer, before you have filled their pocket. Richard Ewing claims to be the founder and CEO of Multiplexer. The website contains no data about this company and it is impossible to find any indicator that they exist.

It is dump to promise quick broker payments. You cannot receive your money after only 24 hours. There are many laws to regulate cash transfer, for example to avoid “money laundering”. It has to pass many checkpoints, before you finally get it at your bank account. Such lies are only propagate by scams, it is simple impossible to make it legally. You can never trust a broker or service which promise that.

Scam Alert – Oracle Algo Trading Robot

The video is a bad concatenation of short video clips, and definitive not a professional work of any mega millionaire. It comes with the same weird story like the Terabit Trader scam and similar. But you cannot win each trade, no matter how fast it is. A fundamental trader, which trades News, the maybe strongest signals exist, cannot win all of his trade. Especially the connection between the provider computer network and the broker is important, not only the connection of the network. The fact which a multiplexer really means is total ignored. A multiplexer (short simple MUX) is a mathematical function with 3 or more inputs and one output. One of the inputs acting as control, while the other two are data inputs. Depending at the control input is the output one of the both inputs. It is like a railway switch and mostly used in electrical engineering as input selection.

The free spot scam tactic is another well known way to nudge poorly traders to join this crap. The promotion video was uploaded at 2016-10-16, but are current the still last 24 hours. These dump lie is simple to suss.

Multiplexers scam conclusion

Multiplexer tell the same crap like the viral Quantum Code scam and his clone, the Orion Code. So old the dump idea is, you can win each trade if you are fast enough, so long do we already know, that it is not possible. All no-loss systems are a scam. The storyboard of the Multiplexer make no senses. If you read this review, you know already the clear verdict: Multiplexers is a scam!

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