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Scam-typical scary countdown!

The Nesdek software by Nesdek Inc. promise a lots of profit in less time and and seems only available for 10 hours after you visit the webpage. Nevertheless this homepage is available since days and tell you over and over the same crap. The homepage will never change and the countdown starts each time from new again. This will only pretend an exclusive offer in the hope you join Nesdek fast. In real a countdown that start again at each website reloads lets go all scam alert clocks go on! You will never at a legit service find such kind of fake countdown. But at a scam websites like Nesdek are countdowns ubiquitous. But these would not change no matter if the countdowns reach 00:00:00. Even more, some of these scam countdowns reset while he count down that he never run out. To use an auto trader robot like Nesdek you need to deposit your money to a broker related to the software. You cannot trust the auto trader if they try to bait you with such a kind of fake countdown. That doesn’t mean that all of the related brokers are scams too. But you cannot trust the recommendation of the scam Nesdek for these brokers.

Scam artist promise crazy income

The main scam artist of Nesdek, Mike McDonald, tells you about Marty McFly, Michael (J.) Andrew Fox’s role in the “Back to the future” movies. This is the classic movie about time traveling. Marty McFly use a DeLorean DMC-12 car, rebuild to a time machine developed by Dr. Emmett Brown. The DeLorean travel through the time if it reaches a speed of 88 mph (144 km/h). Mike McDonald looks like old rich men, but the first impression can be deceiving. Renting a car and a backdrop to tape a video is not expensive. The core of his statement is that he gives today, and only today YOU free access to the Nesdek software. He says this in a video that was uploaded at 2016-04-27 to Googles free video platform YouTube. This is an important fact. The video with the title “NesdekApp Main Subs” is according to the website countdown that you can only join for one day – since weeks. It is not private; hence everybody can see this “exclusive” offer. He want that you imagine all your financial dreams. Be warned about this, it is a simple kind of brain wash technique! Mike McDonald make supposedly $ 1.432.111 with the Nesdek autotrader software. Please note that a legit autotrading robot can earn up to $ 5000 per week. You will not be a millionaire after one year trading binary options. But this is more than enough to make most of your financial dreams true about time. And if you have your incoming you can invest it to make more money. But if you make your money using a legit app, please don’t let all your money at a single bank account.

Inconsistent broker account image

McDonald showed broker accounts of a probably Nesdek member “Stacey Smith”. This is totally inconsistent. If they would not try to scam investors that image would be really funny. The scam author says that this member has invested yesterday, but the video was uploaded at 2016-04-27. The options were traded at 2015-09-24. The filter at the broker’s homepage is 2015-08-09 to 2015-09-11. This means the trades shown conflicting with the shown filter. Additional the filter catch only 8 trades that makes just under $ 300. The legit autotrader can earn far more money each day. Last but not least they wrote her name wrong.


Another scam actress

A girl named “Sarah” has in the Nesdek-video a gig. First they talk lots of nonsense. For example she said she is biology teacher and had no idea about stocks and binary options. A very interest text part is that she starts with $ 1500 at Nesdek but McDonald recommends $ 250 but if you invest more money you can make more money. Why should you invest $ 1500 instead of $ 250 in Nesdek that promise to makes more than $ 3000 dollar each day? After one day you would have a broker deposit greater than $ 1500. This scam shows all in all only the suppose user interface of Nesdek with any deposit. They don’t say anywhere how this fraud service will works. Nesdek is not transparency in any way.

Idiotic news- and branding logos

The scam website contains logos about the News companies “The new York times”, “NBC news” and “Forbes”. The homepages of these got scanned and nowhere is any clue that one of them ever heard about the fraud Nesdek. It was never happed that any news company reviewed ever a binary option service. The same is true for the brandings. This is only to looks legit. A real company like Nestle, Bosch or Nike would not join any binary option autotrader. Especially are some brandings like Nike US companies and it is against the law of the United States to trade at a not-CFTC-Certificated platform.

Clearly result!

Here can only be one result: Nesdek is a scam! Don’t join this scam as it would blow your deposit away very fast.

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