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Plenitude Formula by George Ackerman alias “The golden eagle” is a new binary option autotrading scam service, which try to get all your hard earned money. Read this testimonial to the end to learn all the scam tactics and stay safe in the future!

The story of the Plenitude Formula

George Ackerman, CEO of Plenitude Formula, tell a really long story, how his life gone up and down. The whole storyboard fictional is only a bad joke. Scams like the Plenitude Formula presenting a supposed mega millionaire, but nobody has heard about before. The primary message of the story is that George Ackerman made millions of dollar at the wall street. Than, he has lost all his money and starts again in the binary option to create a software, which have a minimal successful rate of 98 %. The most important fact of the story is, that George Ackerman use nearly exact the same words as many actors of scam services before.

The idea behind is, that banks and others have lied you. He say that he will tell you anything, that you need to know. But this is only a way that you watch the complete promotion video. He neither expose the lies he speaks about nor say how the Plenitude Formula works. This is a major fact. It is hard to trust a software, if you don’t have an idea, how it makes money. His company, the Plenitude Group, will own a global goodwill of 154 million us dollar. It should not be very hard to find the information about it. There exist really a Plenitude Group, but this is not the company of this scam actor. Nevertheless, there is another very important fact about George Ackerman. He is an already a long time known scam actor. His primary gig was in an old scam, called Dream Profits.

George Ackerman is a well-known scam actor!

The unrealistic promises of Plenitude Formula

Are you familiar with the sentence “This is 100 % possible by using the exact same formula I used to rake in $14.000.000 in 14 months”? This is a very often used statement with different sums and times. But is it possible to make this high sums? For sure, it isn’t. Making between $10.000 and $70.000 each day, like the Plenitude Formula suggest, with trading binary options as newbie will never works. An average classic trade has a payout of 85 %, hence you have to invest between $8.500 and $59.500. That is simple dump. Rich people may make this sums, but with a typical investment sum of $250 to $500 will this never working, and you will guarantee not be a millionaire after only few months trading. Additional, you will definitively not making money at the weekend. Plenitude Formula is full of such lies.

Dream Profits Scam Elements Found

The investment sum for each trade base at your current deposit. It’s the same as the minimal winning rate of 98 %. The task of an autotrading application is to predict the market price movement and place trades. But a legit autotrader, which aim for earning most money know that it cannot win each trade. This is impossible, and will it ever be. That is why a legit app place only a small part of the total money. These well-working money management strategies is one of the big differences between legitimate trading platforms and scams like the Plenitude Formula.

Is Plenitude Formula an exclusive homepage?

Plenitude Formula claims to be an exclusive place to make a lot cash. There are supposedly only 15 slots for beta testers available. This is typical bs. There are a lot scams out there, which tell you can make much money, but the spots are strong limited. Such fake spot counts are a common way to nudge potential users, and you should be very carefully in such cases. The same that the video get removed and destroyed after 250 views. It is uncountable how many scams repeat this sentence, while we must thousands of people help to avoid it.

George Ackerman tell, that you got a personal invitation to visit this unique video. Again a bogus statement! At the end of this review is a link to the website of the Plenitude Formula. Please join never ever this crap system, it will fast blow your deposit away. Before you click the hyperlink make sure you have read the full review, to see behind all of his bad lies. This helps only to see which fishy techniques are in usage to get your bucks.

Really? Still more scam actors?

To stay safe against scam, a base knowledge about Fiverr is important. is a webpage, where amateurs sell their services. The most provided type are actor and actress for “video testimonial”. Scams buy these videos for around $5. If you see a scam actor, you know already that the trading platform is only a big lie. has figure out, that all of these beta testers are only paid actors. Take for example a look at the user called Jordan831. They were payed for his fake review. After a WIE IS request we see clear, that the register date of the domain of the Plenitude Formula was 2016-11-02, while these stupid actors tell, they have used it about the last months.

Plenitude Formula use scam actors!

Even more scam tactics of the Plenitude Formula

The scam actor George Ackerman ask you direct at the begin of the video, what would happen if he pay you $5.000. Logically, this is only a tactic that you continue watching this crap video. It is the same bogus way like in the Dream Profits (look above). But this is only one of these brain washing techniques. The typical request is to image anything, while the scammer show stock images. Stock images are images, taken by everywhere to have a lot images “on stock”. These get sell by difference agencies or are offered for free. Such pictures bring you to thinking, that you can become rich with the Plenitude Formula autotrading software.

Plenitude Formula scam conclusion

At Plenitude Formula do you find all the classical scam indicators. The use fake actors and lies over lies to nudge you to invest your last cent. If you have read this review carefully, you know already the verdict: Plenitude Formula is a scam, avoid them at any cost!

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November 22, 2016 at 7:48 am

A real scam which I sadly got trapped in. I warn all traders to read this and avoid losing their capital like I did. I wish I landed here earlier


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