Nova App scam review! Is Michael Newberry and his service your time worth?

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The Nova App by Michael Newberry is a brand new autotrading service, promising more than $1000 each day. This is reason enough to check this offer for scam tactics and other ticks to cheat investors. After years in the binary options-industry do we know that only few applications generate real profits, while most poorly have an accuration of only 50 % and blow your deposit away.  You find all verified softwares in the menus of this website. Don’t hesitate to read the reviews and check out the homepage’s, most of the services are one hundred percent free forever. Let us look if the company Nova Holding fulfill all rules to become a new legit service.

Nova App’s video start

The design of the Nova App landing page is designed like both legit and scam service. At the top is a video clip and a form to join, below are a lot textual data about and some images. That is still not very interesting. Let us focus first at the promotion video. It starts with a lot stock frames of cars and yachts. Some of them was already seen in old scams, especially the scene with the elevator is associated with fraud services. Such parts mean alone nothing, but it is a big red warn that it contains further ways to play with your mind, hence keep alarmed.

Nova App use well-known stock clips

Michael Newberry promise that installing the software at your computer or smartphone is easier than open a new Facebook or an eMail account. Never ever execute any binary file of a dubious source on your computer. Such a malware could easily log your bank account details and steal all your money. That is why we only recommend web frontends and other secured offer. You need nothing more than an actual browser to trade with a legit service. Some others like EpixTrader for Forex runs in a safe sandbox by MetaTrader. Downloading and install the Nova App is not only a risk for your broker deposit, but also dangerous for your whole life.

A demonstration of Nova App’s trading?

Michael Newberry claims to show how Nova App trade, but this is dump. At YouTube do you find real trades with the current top performant legit softwares. A careful viewer see that the video is cut. Especially were the only useful proof for such a trading session to capture direct the Laptop screen. But this would look a lot different, the Laptop screen is always turned away from the camera view. Don’t believe such fishy tricks!

Michael Newberry seem to have no glue about binary options. He guarantees to earn at least $250 in the first hour and $5.700 each 24 hours. Let us start with the obviously. It is a very common scam tactic to tell you can trade each day. This is a big lie. What’s up with weekend? What’s up with holidays? Sometimes are only high-risk assets open. This is not bad, such days gives the time to relax, clear up the mind, forget earning money and much more.

The other fact is, that there can never be a guarantee to earn money. No matter which tools you use and how you trade in general, predict the market to one hundred percent is and will never be possible. Such dump claims causing only in losing all your money. Money management strategy is the base of each strategy. The basic investment of a newbie is usually $250 — $500, hence the typical trade volume is $25 each classic option. Mathematical is it not possible to earn 5.700. Use a legit app, this will let your deposit grow steadily, but definitively not increment it by 2.300 % in 24 hours.

Nova App is full of scam tactics

Michael Newberry claims to would be happy if he could the money deposit for you. He should tell this crap somebody other. Funnily he said that the Nova App place the (e. G.  one) trade and just earned $250.88 — with an initial deposit of $250. Nova App’s video is more brain-death than watching television. The average payout of a won trade is 80 % on a classic and 70 % on a short-term option. He say two sentences all scam-fighting blogs and websites love: I have nothing to sell and …put away your credit card. These statements do you find on very many scams. They are so common, that the first got his own category.

Michael Newberry claims to make more than 100 % profits

The whole story is both well-known and boring. Michael Newberry is a nobody, tried to trade, failed, but gathered the best wall street analyzer and coder and developed the world best trading application, that lost over two years not one single trade. This storyboard is much but definitively not realistic.

Michael Newberry tells a bus driver in Idaho, Dave Blake, joined the Nova App. Idaho is a country in the United States of America. It is a law that US civil can only trade with CFTC-registered exchanges. The only CFTC-certificierte broker is Nadex. Nadex doesn’t cooperate with autotrading bots, hence he would break the law if he would use the Nova App. This lie repeats a few times. Why shows Michael Newberry a list with transferred money? The broker he uses to trade is the independent Binary Online. This is a nice broker, but unfortunately support both legit apps and scams. The constant transfer of the Nova App is a clear contradiction to the begin of the video, where Michael Newberry promise to earn at least $5700 autotrading earning. This money would flow into your broker account.

Michael Newberry tells US trader joined the Nova App

The reason, why the Nova App is supposedly the first a hundred percent accurate trading software is, that it recognize trading pattern 7 million of a second faster than all other softwares. That are ridiculous 7 microseconds. This time make absolute no different, because the broker price don’t refresh nearly in this speed. It remembers at the old known scam Terabit Trader and the continuation Tera App. They claim to win each trade because it has the highest possible transfer rate. But you will not win each trade, no matter how fast you act. While Tera sounds a bit like it could work, lacks the Nova App any kind of realistic.

Nova App scam review conclusion

Michael Newberry tells it is mathematical impossible that the Nova App lose a trade, while each beginner knows that it is mathematical impossible to win each trade. The Nova app is full of scam tactics, in nearly the half of his sentences is anything you could disagree. There is only one clear verdict possible: Nova app is a scam! A careful visitor see that the scam actor shaking his own head nearly each sentence to signal his disbelieve. An easy to determine micro expression.

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