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The Omnia app by Matthew Hammersmith is a new scam, presented by an old known face. This binary option offer is only a ridiculous try to steal your money and blow your deposit away fast as anybody could expect. Omnia app’s whole offer is like all the other scams. It is far more than a general exaggerate, it uses big fat lies to nudge you to join this scam. But no panic, we are here to help and expose all the bad scam tactics before you lose your money. Read now the full Omnia app scam review to stay safe and informed.

Matthew Hammersmith is a known scam actor

Omnia app’s face

Omnia app’s scam actor is like mentioned at the begin is the not a new face. He is formals known as the same guy that was the supposed the founder and CEO of the verified scams GPS Trader and Terabit Trader. This alone is already reason enough to avoid the Omnia app, but continue reading – we are still not done! It is just the starts of becoming funny. The first sequence of the video is “Today, he’s personally worth over $380.000.000 US Dollars”. The “double” US Dollar is very dump for the production of a millionaire, but the statement is wordless. They seam to calculate the worth of a person in money. Yes, it’s hard to inventing a story of a non-existing person, but this is simple idiotically.

Today is Omnia app’s last day?

This is one of the oldest lies available. The idea behind is, that you get fear and join fast, but it is easy to refute. The autotrading software is available since days and tell since it became public the same lie, but this is good. It proves that it is pure bs. Don’t believe such a stupid statement! If you watch the cheap video carefully will you note that current the date in the video did not change, hence 2017-03-06 was the official final day. But no need to visit the Omnia app scam homepage, rather look only at the image below.

The Omnia app use the old already known lies

Do you have the money tomorrow in your bank account?

A popular misconception is to believe that money will reach your bank account within twenty-four hours. This is absolutely impossible, but scams like the Omnia app love to suggest this. Even if you start a wire transfer from one bank to another one, the second bank account won’t receive the money in this short time frame. Money has to pass many checks until you get it. Wire transfers from other lands take still longer, and broker has fulfilled very strong laws similar to banks. These laws are against people which laundering money and similar. Receive money in 24 hours is wishful thinking but all in all nothing more than another unrealistic promise.

With Omnia app absolutely no risk?

Forex trading – no matter if stocks, binary options or anything others – contains a risk. The same old story was told by a lot of scams before, some used the same dump sequences. Even if you use the best tools, you are able to lose all your investment. A program is only a follow-up of a lot instructions. It doesn’t know something which is called a “doubt”, and acting with strict rules. Legit applications predict the market movement with an accuration of about 85 %, while scams reach a performance of about 50 %.

The sadly truth is that these scammers have no idea what a software really do and using a random number generator to fire trades. Using the Omnia app is like gambling. Funnily compare Matthew Hammersmith it really with an casino slot machine, and we all knowing that such machines reaching typical a winning rate about 30 % – according to the laws.

Using the Omnia app is like gambling

As a binary option trader do you hear many times that strange bots win trades, because they are fast. GPS Trader and Terabit trader used the same. Because they used the same actor, they are may relate to this and Zeus 2, but this doesn’t matter. All three are crap systems and have to die, no matter who the scammer behind is. Speed is not the only limiting factor. The signals of computer or human traders sometimes lose, because an algorithm win only with a specific average over time.

Omnia app scam review conclusion – Matthew Hammersmiths system in few words

Matthew Hammersmith is nothing more than a payed scam actor. There are such many details about this homepage, that the binary options traders have only one clear verdict: The Omnia app is a scam!

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