Online Bitcoin wallet in the test. Which is the best one?

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The first step in the world of Bitcoins is to join a free online wallet. From the user point of view do you get an address to receive Bitcoins. We have take time to test the two most popular online wallets to help you start. Both offer are 100 % free to use but very different. Surprising, we did not expect to have a clear winner. It is strong recommend joining the Greenaddress service. You can now create one, two or may ten free wallets, if you like. Please note to buy your Bitcoins online in approved shops. The most recommend approved Marketplace is If you need help with your Bitcoin wallet or for further questions, email to [email protected] or use the simple contact form.

Greenaddress online Bitcoin wallet

Official URL:

The Greenaddress Bitcoin wallet by the guys Lawrence Nahum and Jerzy Kozera contains such many great features, that there is no doubt that it’s clearly the winner of this testimonial. The website use a valid SSL certificate. That is a necessary requirement for financial transactions, and means, somebody can may see that you use Greenaddress, but transferred data are full encrypted. This encryption make sure that nobody can read your pass phrase, Balance or compromise the connection, even if you use a public WLan or similar. Additional offer Greenaddress simple access per TOR Proxy. Creating a new wallet does need neither any personal details, nor even an email address (but an email address enable more features, we will come back to this shortly). When you create a new wallet, the system protect them by a phrase with around 24 English random selected words. Please store them secured, for example in a text file on your computer, and a backup printed out. Greenaddress doesn’t store for your security this phrase, but encrypt your Bitcoin wallet with it. Hence, there is no way to restore a lost phrase and with it the wallet.

To make the wallet more protected, you have to set up a pin, a password of 4 to 15 digits. It is not needed, but strong recommended. A pin enables the way for fast login and make sure that nobody can login, even if he got your phrase. After set up a PIN, you need your long phrase only to initial log in and after three wrong PIN tries. This makes brute force attacks (trying of all possible username/password combinations) impossible. Greenaddress support for still more security two-factor-authentication using email addresses, Google authentication, SMS or phone calls. An attacker need access to your mail address or your phone to log in. This makes your online Bitcoin Wallet very secure. To make things easier, a verified mail address allow you to get always an email about received and sent transactions. Greenaddress support additional to create read-only accounts to check your balance without strong authenticates and t0 setup a Balance you will able to transfer without two-way-authenticate. This Balance will decrement each outgoing transaction and you have to reset it manually.

  • + Very high security
  • + Very high privacy
  • + Long random generated passphrase to secure your Bitcoin wallet, and a 4- to 15 digit PIN to log in fast later. (After 3 wrong tries, the full passphrase is needed again) — No way for dictionary- or brute force attacks
  • + Generates after each receipt a new address. (Standard procedure with Bitcoin Wallets to increment privacy; old addresses could still become used.)
  • + Special URL to send payments very fast and safe to your Bitcoin wallet
  • + Two-factor-authentication (Email, Google Authentication, SMS, Phone)
  • + Email notifications (need a confirmed email address)
  • + Read-only accounts to get your deposit in unsafe environments like public computers
  • + Apps for Android and iPhone.
  • + TOR hidden address (http://s7a4rvc6425y72d2.onion).
  • + Optional PGP encryption (for advanced user, primary on Linux systems)

Blockchain online Bitcoin wallet

Official URL: /

The Blockchain Bitcoin online wallet by the company Blockchain Luxembourg S.A.R.L. took the second place in this review. The Landing page shows already the different: While the top Greenaddress lists a lot of features, contains Blockchains only generic marketing texts. Creating a new Bitcoin wallet is fast. You have to join with an existing email address and a password of your choice. That causes in lower privacy of the as anonymous currency designed Bitcoins. The real problem are the simple login. Blockchain lacks the protection settings of Greenaddress, except two-way authentication. This makes it a bit more secure, but it misses still read-only accounts and similar. Log in into Blockchain in an unsafe environment is an absolutely no-go and a very strong password is required to avoid some attacks. Blockchain showing some Ads. They are small, but most looking very dubious. Please never follow such hyperlinks or transfer Bitcoins to a service which is not approved.

  • – Moderate privacy
  • – Moderate security, lacks most functions of Greenaddress
  • – Dubious ads

2 Replies to “Online Bitcoin wallet in the test. Which is the best one?”

kelly broome

August 9, 2017 at 4:45 pm

greenaddress is great

thank you very much. I used blockchain, but greenaddress is infinity times better. I don’t understand, why all recommend blockchains. I think they have never really tested the offers.



December 7, 2017 at 10:20 pm

Merci pour cet article avec une présentation de ces 2 portefeuilles bitcoin en ligne, cependant pour les personnes qui ont peu confiance dans le bitcoin et ces wallet online, il est bon de créer un wallet hors-ligne pour une sécurité maximale. Ce système hors-ligne est plus fiable puisque votre clés privée ne sera pas en contact avec le web, du coup les transactions seront signées en hors-ligne et les hackers ne pourront rien faire sur votre porte-feuille.


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