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Opus Formula is a new offer provided by Lex Simmons Jnr. This will be an exclusively video that get destroyed after watched 100 times. The supposed creator of this autotrading service say that there is nothing to sell, hence put your credit card away. This review will not only precise analyze each part of this new software but will tell you how to use legit services and successful trade Binary Options.

The truth about Opus Formula

The first fact is that the video supposedly get removed after 100 views. To test this strange fact earn-money.today has watched it 100 times with different identities and it is still online. Put your credit card away are words heard already many times previous, for example by the scam Fast Cash Club analyzed before. But if you want to make money you need to invest money. This is not only for Opus Formula true.

The video contains primary stock photos and faked broker- and bank statements. Stock photos are photos taken, stolen or bought by anybody online. The fraud broker statements are obviously pure fakes. Nobody would leave such much money in the hands of a broker.


Opus Formula use lot of lies

Formula is a name already used by many other scams. The scam actor Lex Simmons Jnr. will make $29.976.882 after one year using the Opus Formula. A popular scam tactic is to promise that you will be a millionaire after one year of usage. That will never be possible. Made one million dollars after one year is already impossible, but rake 29 million is simple idiotically.  Because the software try to predict the market movement, it must use a good money management strategy to make sure you will not lose your money.

Funnily the scam actor tells he has decided who can see this video. But this is a simple video hosted at Vimeo embed at a static homepage, and each body can watch that, how many times the like. Vimeo is a video platform similar to YouTube.

Opus Formula use typical scam actors

Most scams rent actors at the homepage Fiverr. Fiverr is a Website at them amateurs sell their services. These actors get only used by scam for fake reviews. It is no surprise to find one at Opus Formula.

Opus Formula scam actors

Lex Simmons Jnr tells a lot about his past works with Opus Formula Group. He has found a company, worked together with two of the biggest U. S. companies and found several hedgefonds. This story is pure crap. If any big companies support Opus Formula, then anybody had heard of it. He won’t name any names of one of these companies or the hedgefond. This dump guy say Opus Formula Group manage $154 million in global investment. That is very much for a company which never exist. The winner of the Hedgeweek Global Awards 2016 in the categories Best Commodities Hedge Fund was the Martin Fund Management. This fact is easy to examine at the official homepage of Hedgeweek. There is nothing about an Opus Formula Group or similar.

List of Hedgeweek Global Awards 2016 Winners

Faked Geo spots

Most scams show a fake spot countdown. But Opus Formula makes it easy and initialize the spots already with 1. This crap shows only a flag and the name of your GEO location. That will not show the real free spots. At Opus Formula are infinity spots available.

Keep away from this scam!

It is very easy to see, that Opus Formula a scam is. The company Opus Formula Group has never existed. The promise is more than unrealistic. You can make lot money trading binary options, but you won’t be a millionaire after one year. This is not possible. Only scam promise such a drivel. The lies that the video get removed after 100 views and that Opus Formula Group won the Hedgeweek Global Awards 2016 confirm that it is nothing more than a scam.

Fight against scam

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