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The Pay My Vacation scam by Jack James is a new bogus application, try to steal your money. This review will analyze every region of this dubious new binary option service and show why it is not wise to be paid the vacation these fraudsters. The fishy service will you make to a millionaire, but vacation rentals are not so expensive. We know already ways to make a lot of money. Read this testimonial to the end to learn, how to make enough money to go to vacation.

The lame scam comes with several translated versions. This is also urgently needed, as the Pay My Vacation fraud once again claims that it is only available in your place of residence. Of course, this is absolute nonsense. The Pay My Vacation fraud is available everywhere where it is possible to deposit money. Translations of the text have been obviously done by a human, but are full of spelling errors.

Pay My Vacation is only a scam!

The Pay My Vacation scam  begins again with more than unrealistic promises become a millionaire after less than a year by a binary options autotraders. That’s impossible. As always discovered, with the use of a well-working money management strategy hit you to the limit. Other than Pay My Vacation have legitimate autotrading apps, such as the United Trading network, already a lot of experience to evaluate trades. Possible trades get assigned a strength. The user alone decides which strength a signal to be traded. Scammer as the Pay My Vacation authors cannot offer this safety. Such comical systems throw away any safety and empty your broker account quickly.

The Pay My Vacation scam shows a pile of stock videos. These videos were shot by someone and bought or simply stolen. The video is overloaded with stock photos, causing their stupid fading not more than headaches. The image of an alleged member, which became a millionaire after 939 trades, is utter nonsense by the Pay My Vacation scam. Together with the 10 lost trades is this a win rate of 98.94%. No legitimate autotrading program could ever predict the market movements at this rate over a longer period. The Pay My Vacation autotrading system is no exception. In addition, the adjuster is at the maximum of $500 investment for each trade. Even with an average payout rate of 85% would this makes only $399.575 after 939 trades with a starting capital of $500, after the 10 trades lost even only $394.575. Another lie of Pay My Vacation fraud exposed! This fact applies to each of the alleged members, even 100% would not achieve such sums after the stated amount of trade. 400% payout rate as Pay My Vacation promises will you get never in your life. This is absolute nonsense.

The Pay My Vacation scam get more and more ridiculous

Jack James doesn’t enter Pay My Vacations video, but merely shows a picture of himself. However, he actually shows an image of a U.S. Bank account with a balance of 37.6 million dollars. Nobody, which has such amounts of money leave them in the hands of a broker or a bank. The other bank, he shows, has a balance of 45.8 million dollars. That are 83.4 million dollars. Jack James writes that he earn with Pay My Vacation up to $38.000 per day. To earn with $38.000 per day 83.4 million dollars, it needs at least 2194 days. A year has 260 working days on average. This means the supposed Pay My Vacation author would need to save his bucks at least 8 years, to have such a lot of money. This is precisely the period, in that binary options arose. He would neither drive in vacation nor buying food. The bank accounts are owned by US banks. We must not forget that it was a long time illegal to trade binary options in the United States of America, before Nadex became as first broker regulated. The lies of Pay My Vacation are obviously.

This Pay My Vacation review show you all you need to know!

Another fraud tactic by the Pay My Vacation that was already seen often is that it is claimed that this homepage is only available for a short time. The website is already available since 2016-06-14. The site can be accessed any time, no matter how long you wait. It has nothing to do with the video, which is loaded from an external source. This is only to generate panic and let you join fast. Very interesting is the fact, that you have supposedly only 2 minutes to join while the promotion video of Pay My Vacation is still about 30 minutes long.

It is true that scammers like the Pay My Vacation are trying to empty your broker account with their scrap. But something like guaranteed winning trades do not exist. As mentioned at the beginning, legitimate autotrading bots evaluate trade opportunities, but even the worst rated trades can win, while the best rated trade can just lose. The best legitimate autotrading robots have an accuracy of about 90%.

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Pay My Vacation review: The conclusion!

Thank you very much for reading this review about It is strange that such a scam actually can make any money. Unrealistic promises are typical only one part to identify scam, but they are so strong, they made a major part of this review. Pay My Vacation doesn’t tell you a fraud story, because it doesn’t tell you anything. This scam is a total fail, aiming only for your wallet. Hence, it is not hard to find the right verdict: Pay My Vacation is a scam!

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