Penny Millionaire: scam or legit? The truth in 7 facts!

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2017 has just started and Penny Millionaire, may the greatest offer of the year, released already. It was already 2016 online, but open now his doors once again to allow more people to join. We have entire tested the whole system and show you now exclusive the checklist, why you will love this unique offer. Take time and read the full review to don’t be sorry if you pass them.

Strategy guide for Penny Millionaire

1) Is the Penny Millionaire profitable?

That is the most interesting fact to clear. The worst designed software with the best result is still more worth than the nicest software which blow your deposit away, like most scams do. After some trading sessions, we got a result about 86 % in total. Some trading sessions was better, some wasn’t. Penny Millionaire is one of the least actual autotrading apps which can make current really profits.

2) Do you keep the full control?

Typical scam let you lose the control over your broker account. They place random trades, some even if the program is turned off. Penny Millionaire is semi-automatic. This means, it trade only if only you command this. It is clearly smoother if you have only to press one times a button to make steadily money. But this design, promoted by some scammer, is only a big failure. A piece of code must never ever be more powerful than a human! There are positive full automatic autotrading apps, but this is why the Penny Millionaire is still far greater than them.

3) Is the system really free? is proud to recommend only free services. (With one little exception, but this is a donate to a non-profit-organization of your choice). The Penny Millionaire is until further notify absolutely free. No hidden cost or anything other you find at typical fraud websites.

4) Is the Penny Millionaire usable by anybody? – Experience side

On your first log in will start a tour to teach you, how to use the software. But the design is so simple, that just a child can use them without additional knowledge. In the middle of the screen are all signals listed. They contain the asset name, the direction (CALL or PUT), and a value, called confidence factor. Higher confidence means a stronger signal. Type in your trading sum of the signal of your choice and click the trade button. Simpler is not possible. It is strong recommend for beginners to start with the lowest possible investment sum. This depends on the broker of your choice, but is $25 in general. After you won your first trades and your deposit grows, increment steadily your investment together with your deposit. If you still need help, watch the current provided three videos in the interface which helps you to start right now.

5) Is the Penny Millionaire usable by anybody? – Technical side

The Penny Millionaire is controlled by a simple HTML/JavaScript-based website without third-party crap like Adobe Flash and other trash which limits the usage. This means it is to each actual browser and device compatible. The software is not restricted to an operating system and don’t need additional downloads. The internal homepage is full responsively, that means they adjust to your screen resolution. No matter if you trade in a cinema or the world smallest smartphone, the website always fit.

Desktop- versus smartphone view:

The desktop view of Penny Millionaire

The smartphone view of Penny Millionaire

6) Offer the Penny Millionaire free support?

It you stuck, it’s always good to have a direct contact with the support team of a software. The Penny Millionaire have 2 email addresses for either technical or general support. That is great, because you will not leave alone if any problem occurs.

7) Can you double and triple your profits?

This is the way how advanced user make their money. Penny Millionaire thread the peculiarities of each connected broker. That’s another reason why it’s so very powerful. If you make already a lot money, and you want still more, spread your trades between yours and another broker. This will just double your available signals and your income. But may wait until you have placed and won your first trades to get the right feeling for the software.

Why the Penny Millionaire may is the right for you:

  1. Proved high accuration of above 85 % winning trades over time; sometimes still more.
  2. Absolutely free to use.
  3. Semi-automatic trading system. You keep the full control over the application.
  4. The software gets steadily improved still more.
  5. Compatible to each actual device and webbrowser, full responsive and no additional download need.
  6. Great support team.
  7. Advanced users can double and triple their incoming.

Awards of Penny Millionaire

Any disadvances?

In fact, there are only two disadvances. First, US citizens have unfortunately no access to the free accounts. Joining the legit service Penny Millionaire is a good way to don’t fall for scams, we expose all days, and stay safe in the future. But no matter, there are many other free offers which allow people in the US and generate great incomes. For the second one continue reading below.

Hurry up! Only few spots available!

Thank you very much for reading this review about It is bad, but the Penny Millionaire has only 100 free spots available. Respective only maximal 99, since we took one. So don’t waste your time and grab your account until it’s too late. For further questions, eMail to [email protected], use the pretty Contact Form to the left or simple the comments below; but don’t miss this unique limited time offer while you are waiting for the answer. Hence, it is the best to decide now: YES or no? Else you are forced to ignore this unique offer in the future.

Hint: It is recommend don’t to use Banc de Binary as new Broker. Don’t worry if you already use them, they don’t scam or similar. Further information will follow asap!

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