Penny Millionaire: The best Strategy to make now a lot money

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Penny Millionaire is one of the – if not the – best app to decide for perfect trades online and the greatest surprise in the new year. It is true, many binary option softwares try only to steal your cash. We are proud to found a free legit offer that really increment your initial deposit step by step. Since the release in January, it helps his members, especially day-tradersaccount. They have already earned thousands of dollar. Penny Millionaire is not the first software which earns real profits, but with an average winning rate of 89 to 94 % may the best one. The unique algorithms generate steadily high accurate signals and handle the different settings of brokers. If you are unsure and may fast enough, please read the full honest review of Penny Millionaire. After trader stormed the autotrader, safe a spot and discovered the potential, a typical question is, how to use them to get win most trades. This blog post is a education about strategies which will help to improve your winning rate still more and earn most as possible. If you don’t have your free membership and access yet click the banner below, there are (today) still spots left.

Penny Millionaire’s user interface

It is important to learn the usage of Penny Millionaire. It simple show the trading alerts at the front page in full responsive container. This means, the website is usable on each device, no matter if you use a desktop computer with huge monitor or the world smallest smartphone. The usage is very simple: type in your investment sum and click a button to place the trade. The software support very much different broker and contains current no chart view. Because the app handle all the broker platforms, it is recommended to log in in another tab or browser window. Additional, it is the best to open a professional chart application. recommend the free application MetaTrader, which run at most systems. An alternative is the pure web basing Freestockcharts. This one has a free version, but depends on Microsofts SilverLight. Together with the Chart application is a Demo account never the wrong choice. With this, it is possible to test different strategies risk-free.

Support and Resistance strategy

This is the default action strategy, usable with nearly each setting. The price move mostly behind 2 lines. The lower line is called “support” and the upper one “resistance”. While the price of an asset base at supply and demand, supply and demand base at price. The support is the threshold, where more people buy the asset than sell and push it upwards. Vice versa is the resistance the line, where more people sell the asset than buy them, which pull it down again. A good indicator for support and resistance are the fractals. Here do you find a great indicator for MetaTrader to make fractals more visible. If Penny Millionaire fire a CALL (↑) signal, simple wait until the price is in the support area, if it is a PUT (↓) wait until the price is in the near of the resistance. Note, that the price should not break one of the trend lines. This strategy is very powerful and works with nearly each system, hence it will raise your successful rate with Penny Millionaire still more.

Penny Millionair's signal to trade with Support and Resistance

Penny Millionair's signal traded with Support and Resistance strategy

Moving average strategy

This strategy is may still better than all the others, but not easy to use. The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence is the different between two exponential moving averages and a third simple moving average as signal line. When the signal cross the MACD line, you can expect a trend reverse in the direction of the MACD-, respective the reverse of the signal line. This alone is already a top indicator, but together with Penny Millionaire do you have the may best weapon to minimal all loses. When Penny Millionaire report a strong one, watch the MACD of this asset. When the MACD move closer to the signal in the same direction of Penny Millionare’s reported signal, place the trade. It is important, that the market is direct trendy. For this job is the Oscillator of moving average (OsMA) the right. That is the different between both of MACDs lines. When the OsMA cross zero, the MACD lines cross. It is important, that the OsMA is between two crosses big as possible, else cancel the task and look for a better signal. May add two additional simple Moving Averages (depending on the experience time of the signal, but 25 and 50 is a good compromise) to combine the Moving Averages trend strategy with the great signals of Penny Millionaire.

Penny Millionair's signal to trade with MACD

Penny Millionair's signal traded with MACD strategy

News trading strategy

The full news strategy is full descripted in another article: Generic news strategy: Read economy calendars and place winning trades

Train the information got from Penny Millionaire

No question, Penny Millionaire is still great, if you don’t follow use a strategy, but they are to win most trades as possible. Free signals are a great opportunity to train with the demo account of your choice and win more and more trades. Penny Millionaire is no scam like the autotraders we expose day for day. It is only a free signal generator, you can use it or don’t use it in the future. It is hundret percent free of charge, hence eachbody can confirm the winning rate of the software, and one of the best products ever tested.

Please share your feedback below about this Penny Millionaire strategy guide if you already experiences how fast your bank account grow, also if you have any questions. Do you use any other strategy, please contribute them too. Nevertheless don’t forget to join out newsletter to get the best strategies, apps and scam reports as soon as possible. It is never to late to start the financial freedom.

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January 30, 2017 at 7:54 pm

Thanks for your mail. I use the macd strategy and win 8 of 10 trades! Thank you so much, I love it!!!


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