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FX Sniper by Simon Reed is a new scam. It looks like a valid offer, but an accurate view show that this platform is useless. Read now review to the end to learn how to avoid such dump apps and select the right tool. Like always was this post created carefully to give all followers additional trading tips. The FX Sniper looks like all other websites. At the top is a promotion video which tells more about the software, below is a widgets and at the side are input forms to enter your personal details.

This layout, copied from the best available applications in the industry should nudge new member to join. Unfortunately is a scam hard to distinguish from a legit homepage which generate real profits. You have to observe the app attentive and find contradiction to see if the program is dishonest. This is how we expose scams everyday for you to protect your deposit. Follow now this review to the end to stay informed and safe.

Use the FX Sniper scam actors?

This is a great example for scam software. Most scam developer hire actor to looks like the creator and CEO of the software, sometimes to tell fake reviews. A very important offer for scam actors is Fiverr.com. But even actors and actress which are not listen at such a public place is seen over and over again. Seeing a scam actor means that the whole web presentation is a single big lie, it is one of the strongest scam characteristics.

Simon Reed looks at the first view like a nice old top trader which research for a long time, found a way to earn a lot cash and providing free life-time access to this unique system. The old actor is well known as the founder of the ridiculous scam Profit Ball. In this past payed gig did he play the role of Joshua Ethan. This make it hard to believe that anything he said about the FX Sniper is true, nobody can close his eyes against this evidence.

Simon Reed claims to worked at FX Sniper for decades and use a Loophole. The story about finding a new legal but secret way to earn money at the Forex market is not new, but the idea about is absolutely unrealistic. Worldwide trading hourly hundred of thousand traders, and definitively don’t find one single trader theholy grailand keep secret over decades. Technical analytics, price action and fundamental trading are the most general ways to trade and mostly generate winning trades about 85 %.

Loosing is a part of the game, and if anybody waiting for themagic wayto earn money will he miss the whole profits. With the right tools will you earn more than you lose, and this is the only right way to trade. At the bottom of the FX Sniper webpage is a disclaimer. This is untypical for a scam, but this said that you could lose you finances.

Simon Reed’s lies

The so-called Live Account which show the FX Sniper scam and Simon Reed is a very dump, not only because this is video. It earn profits ($127.00) already few seconds after Nicole (in the subtitles Nicola) activate it. The basic starting investment of a trading beginner are $250 to $500 and starting investment $25. A profit of $100 is for beginners unrealistic. If Nicole starts with a initial deposit of $1.000 it is possible, but for a newbie is is only another way to play with your mind.

FX Sniper’s calculation of the income makes no sense. Remember, that at the weekend nearly none market has open, hence you should only trade five days a week. Why do you have earned $2000 if you earn daily $300? A month have 21 workdays on average. Why did you have earned $8000 after a month? In this part of the video hides another bad trick to cheat you. See the image below.

The first and final day to open the doors

According to Simon Reed is today the first and last day that he let more people in, previous was the trading network only available for his friends and family. This question is easy to verify. It was yesterday available and will be tomorrow too. This review will investors still help in weeks to avoid these lies. Considering a simple WHOIS zapytanie do we know that the domain was register at 2017-03-09. Like always is these incredible system only for your eyes and you don’t have to share it. But there are still scammer which promoting this cruel crap system with their lies. Don’t believe them, this is a clear contradiction!

A classical lie is that the spots of an autotrading bot is very limited. Mostly do you find at the offer a countdown. This is only a toy, a number which decrement in random delays. Some of this strange scripts incrementing sometimes, and some store the current spot in a browser cookie. The FX Sniper scam make it easily and only initialize at each page load new. This means that a simple website refresh let start the spot countdown from new and expose the dump lie.

FX Sniper’s winning trades

FX Sniper has below the promotion clip an area which show supposed trades of the software. If you own one or more broker accounts should do you know how a trade history has to look like. All trades are winning trades, but we have already clarify that this is weird. You can win 9 trades in a row, but the chance that it happens is very small. The widget contains no start- and experience time, online the current dateeven at weekend. It lacks the strike rate (start price) and expire rate too. Last- but not least makes the payout not a bit sense. You are able to configure the smallest software to set up your trade volume. A autotrading robot would trade for all accounts parallels, hence each account would have another payout. Below do you see the fake trades and how a real trade looks like.

FX Sniper fake trades

FX Sniper and the exit page

This is solution used by a lot fraudsters. Before the webbrowser unload the website, for example if you close it or navigate to another one show it a modal popup while it loads an exit page in the background, promising something special. The teyt is in this caseWAIT! Do You Really Want To Lose Your Chance To Make $378 a Day with our App?. This is only the last step to confirm scam. Simon Reed tells that he only allow very few guys and gals to his software, but try to stop you? Shut up!

Simon Reed’s FX Sniper scam review conclusion: How work it?

Simon Reed say we should nobody tell about FX Sniper, but what should we tell? He say nothing about how this strange piece code works. This is a major factor. Trusting a autotrader without knowing how it works is impossible. The fictional Simon Reed give only empty and false promises basing at a premise which will never fulfill, the whole story is a myth, there is no doubt that the FX Sniper will notsnipewinning trades. If you search at websites and social medias about the FX Sniper LTD do you figure out nothing about the companyyou will only receive a lot warnings about this homepage. The fake website widget undergird only the verdict, all are sure: FX Sniper is a scam production! Simon Reed is a paid liar! Definitively avoid this moneystealing trading system!

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