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The PRIZM technology scam by Richard Squire is a new fraud service which will rob your wallet. Like other fishy services previous, like the Traders Revenge, the PRIZM technology scam acting like a platform against scam, just before it starts with already well-known tactics. But we will find now legit ways to make money today and in the future! The PRIZM technology scam start with a classical unrealistic promise. Richard Squires software will make $327 in only few minutes. That is the first fact against this scam.

The only way to make money in this less time are short-term options. Even professional traders have problems to predict this kind of binary options, never use them with an autotrader! That is why an application that promise money in less minutes is not trustable. No funnel will handle short-term options. This binary option income is a clear contradiction to the income of $1000 dollar each day. $1000 per day looks like a valid income. But the $327 in minutes of this strange system are impossible.

PRIZM technology scam tell only lies!

Richard Squires agenda is a pure lie. The PRIZM technology scam and all related tell you always the same crap. The fraud actors differ in details overall is there no difference. It is very easy to find out, that this guy has never existed. If this guy works since 2007 (9 years) in the industry, you should find a lot information about. But you won’t, because Richard Squires don’t exist.

The reviews are other lies by this scam. Watching the video show indisputable parallels between the fake reviews. The PRIZM technology scam has created these videos. This fraud system use heartbreaking stories. One of the guys lost the college fund of his son. Do anybody believe, that one will invest a college fund? The rule number one for trading binary options is to never invest money that you cannot lose. Even while the legit tools will increment your money steadily, you have no access until you withdraw your profits.

Programmer and all others can now laugh loud out! An API key is the Richard Squires explanation for this strange service. Only with these the PRIZM technology scam will sync correctly with the brokers and win money. But an API key is only a random number, used as password. This generation of the API key is a funny animation but in reality only a cheap toy. Its just another lie by this scam.

Richard Squire looks like he has no idea what he talks about. He tells you only his storyboard. It is boring to watch a guy, having no idea what he does sell. Another fact is the supposed website creation time. The PRIZM technology was created back in 2007, according to Richard Squires. A lookup request at the domain name server show the true: The PRIZM website got register at 2015-08-10 and expand for one additional year at 2016-07-10.

Watching the trading video is dangerous! The PRIZM technology scam will nudge you to invest in more than one broker to get more money from you. The user interface is only a copy of the legit traders. Never ever place random trades and random sum! A big part of trading binary options is a well-working management strategy. A legit autotrader will place ever trade the same sum.

The PRIZM technology scam conclusion

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