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Profit Hack is a dangerous scam full of fakes!

Profit Hack by Jake Sanders is one of the biggest scams got reviewed because they are using lot of fakes and scam tactics. The first warn about their going anything wrong is that the landing page is designed like a webinar. Webinar is a short word for Web-based seminar. The website contains very much icons and text lets looks this like a real webinar. But a closer look shows the truth! These parts like the Settings button have no function. Even the part looking like a language selection combo box is only an American flag and an arrow image.

Profit Hack is only a scam!

It’s only a scam video, no webinar!

It is not surprising that this scam streams only a video. That was really an unrealistic idea letting the webinar-video starting when you open the website. If you reload the webpage the video will restart again. The 10 limited spots are another scam tactic. Most of them tell you that this is only a time-limited offer. But in real Profit Hack accept each body to scam much money as possible from his investors.

Profit Hack use a prepared chat

Profit Hack is a full controlled script. The video part of this webinar-like scam is a fake too because if you press any buttons nothing happens. But the texts at the chat of this fraud website are full prepared! The proof is simple: Reload the website. The script will restart from begin. It is every time the same fake text:

Welcome to The Profit Hack webinar.

Jake : hey guys! can you all hear me okay?

Member : Hello from France, yes I can hear you just great, very excited!
Support: Welcome to the webinar, I am sure you’ll be amazed to see what we’re about to share

Don’t believe that anybody except the scam author makes money at the Profit Hack!

Profit Hack promise crazy stuff

A promise you will find at many scam autotrader is to guarantee a big sum in less time. Profit Hack guarantee $ 1000 now. But in reality nobody can make guarantee such a high sum in less time. The true is that trading binary options is a steadily incrementing of your deposit using a well working risk management strategy. Even more so to make this money in 4 Minutes you need to use short-term binary options. These kinds of options are hard to win for professional traders. Each body that trade binary options will lose some trades. It is impossible to win each trade. Hence it is important to trade only low sums. It will never be possible to win each trade nevertheless scammer like Jake Sanders from Money Hack try to bait investors with this theory.

Clearly that making a sum between $ 1000 and $ 15.000 each day is nothing more than day dreaming. Making this sum trading binary options is impossible, no question.

Profit Hack use a Popup like most scams

If you move the mouse cursor outside the viewport the website try to stop you using a popup. Such kinds of popups are only used by scams. Profit Hack try to redirect you if you want to leave it, but this seems not work correctly. This popup contains the same badges stolen from famous security companies like most scams. The simple fact that this is only one image proof that this are fakes because a real badge would contain a hyperlink to the homepage of the company. These would confirm the badge for this homepage. But these images do nothing of that. Those are only images taken from everywhere!

Profit Hack use only stolen badges, like most scams!

Profit Hack scam scan: conclusion

Profit Hack is one of the most dangerous scams ever seen. That is because at the first view its looks really like a webinar with limited spots. You need to look a bit closer to see that it is only a scam.

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