Criptografia vantagem: Resultados depois de dois meses (nova atualização)!

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Hello, welcome to the Crypto Advantage Review after two months of intense usage. After reading this review will you know what you already have pass and what you still have to expect. Crypto Advantage is a gorgeous software and you will love it. It is important to read this review to the end and stay ready for the leap of faith. We have reviewed and used Crypto Advantage exactly two months ago. It brought great results, but is it still great?

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The encrypted currencies are the upcoming trading opportunities. The popularity, price and trading options steadily increase. A high violent market movement make them high profitable. The extra free eBook was already reviewed in the first review. Please read this to learn more, here is only the autotrading function checked. Let’s finally talk about the trading results.

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Crypto Advantage winning rate

If you have read the initial Vantagem de criptografia review, you know already that it started with a very high accuration. It has in all the time never disappointed. We had trading sessions with around 85 % winning rate, but sometimes reached 100 %. No other trading software had ever such high results. There is absolutely only positives to tell, all days have closed with wins. Professional traders may combine Crypto Advantage with their favorite trading strategy, but it is just easy to beginner to start a new winning trades after few clicks. To conclude the results, you will love to win around 8 of 10 trades. We will now speak about the usage.

Crypto Advantage usability

Crypto Advantage is under steadily maintenance to make it easier to use, hence it becomes more profitable. The design changed many times to include more functions. It is hardly possible to make a software more beginner friendly. Simple type in your trading amount in the text field and click the trade button. Anybody could do this. When you search for an easy to use software, is Crypto Advantage your best friend! Let’s take a look to the connected brokers.

Crypto Advantage brokers

The app is always monitoring and selecting brokers to get only the best for his users. Broker with low payout rates or bad support become kicked, while new great broker become available to connect. Additional is it possible that you trade any signal in the platform of your favorite broker. This gives you the full power and freedom to use the software in any kind you like! But is it profitable?

Crypto Advantage profitability

That is the may most important part. The amazing ITM rate was already mentioned at begin, but the payout of encrypted currencies differ from regularly assets. Even very short trading sessions bringing profits of up to $500. With the basic investment of just $250 and a slow start are at least $100 per hour possible. That will increment your deposit and income exponential in a short period of time. Newbies are often overwhelmed by too much different signals. The Crypto Advantage doesn’t have this problem. It fires only few signals, so you know exactly what to trade. But these have an unbelievable winning rate. What other functions are there that makes Crypto Advantage to the number one trading solution?

Crypto Advantage trade copying

The most hyped feature is definitively the way to copy trades from the professional traders behind the application. It semi-automatic way gives you the opportunity to place only winning signals being deeper into cryptocurrencies. With the semi-automatic trading do you keep the full control over your deposit and the application. This is why a semi-automatic system always favored over a full-automatic is. So what is the verdict of this review?

Crypto Advantage conclusion

All in all is Crypto Advantage the best current available trading solution.

  • Do you want a high winning rate?
  • Do you want easy usability?
  • Do you want only the best broker?
  • Do you want a very profitable system to earn $100 per hour or more?

If you answered only one of those questions withYes, then the Crypto Advantage is your best bet. Please click always the hyperlink of your trusted blog. Scammers trying to catch you with similar URL and design to redirect you to scam broker and services.

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In the case you have any question, don’t hesitate and send an email to ou usar o simples Formulário de Contato. We are always here to help you.


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4 Respostas “Criptografia vantagem: Resultados depois de dois meses (nova atualização)!”

Alberto Soccodato

January 19, 2018 at 12:53 am

Volevo sapere se in ITALIA si può accedere al software CRTPTO ADVANTAGE, in quanto ho provato a fare iscrizione, ma non vengo contattato per telefono o mail per scaricare il bot e depositare i soldi su un broker collegato a Crypto ADVANTAGE. Come potete aiutarmi? Grazie Alberto



    January 19, 2018 at 1:10 pm

    Hello, thank you for the question!
    Just log in at with your email address and password, and follow the simple steps to activate your account.
    Wish you much success!


Messner Christof

February 15, 2018 at 12:56 pm

Hallo ich hätte eine Frage ist das E Book auch in deutsch zu erhalten.?



    February 15, 2018 at 1:08 pm

    Hallo Christof,
    leider derzeit nicht.



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