Public Millionaire app scam review! Pat Burrows system in each fact.

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The Public Millionaire app by Pat Burrows is a very new scam, which get promoted by a lot fraudsters to steal money. This carefully review take a critical view to expose all bad tactics to nudge investors to lose your money. On the other hands contains this review valuable tips for profitably investments to increment your deposit step by step. Read this review to the end to learn all you need to know to earn massive money now and in the future.

Public Millionaire app scam review

Public Millionaire app’s website

The most scam tactics are found in the video clip with the name “pma_dream.mp4”, but we start first to analyze the homepage content. The design is very simple. At the top is the promotion video next to the form to enter your personal details. Below is a “free spot countdown”. This is a common lie of such scams. They count randomly down and stop at 1. Some dumper systems incrementing the spots sometimes to let them count down again. Such ways are boring. A simple reload of the page is enough to reset the countdown again: 17, 18, 21. This lie was simple refute.

The Public Millionaire app claims to was seen at Fox Business, Bloomberg, CNN, USA Today and Forbes. A view at the big homepages of these financial magazines and television channel showing the hard truth: Unsurprisingly exist there no article, they did never heard about. The stolen image of McAfee do you find at nearly each scam website. New is the “TRUSTe verified”. Service provider like Truste offer proofs. Adding an image to his homepage can anybody. Additional is not the original Truste badge, because the McAfee logo and the Truste are in the same image file.

The Public Millionaire app is full of scam widgets

At the left side annoy messages of people which earned and withdraw profits. Why knows the Public Millionaire app if anybody withdraw? Autotrading bots have no access to the withdraw functions – and this is good. A software with direct access to the deposited money were a big vulnerably. The Public Millionaire app tells that it is the full automatic software:Public Millionaire is a scam!

Public Millionaire is a super algorithm that allows you to profit on auto-pilot. What does that mean? It means that you can make automated trades without even knowing what a ‘call’ or ‘put’ is. Just follow the easy instructions and you will be trading like a pro – even if you don’t know a thing about trading!

Nevertheless, this fraud scripts shows  steadily a name to the income claims. Autotrader calculating trading opportunities and place the trades for all member parallel. The idea that each user receive from the system another trade and make personal results possible is really stupid.

Be warned about the many lies

A steadily repeating statement is, that the Public Millionaire was independent tested and verified by a third party company. Such lies are used to look like a real offer, but miss the proof. The Public Millionaire scams and similar crap systems like to say much, but offer less. At the bottom of the page are the typical self-created emblems. They are easily to differentiate to real badges. Real ones contains a name of an issuer and link to their homepage. A quick Google image search show that these images was never used before.

Public Millionaire app income claims

If a visitor move his cursor out of the viewport, the website inline a popup to stop leaving. The Public Millionaire app use other than classical scams not only text but a small video, starting with the words “He, he! Wait up!”. If you follow all reviews carefully do you know that such a way to stop you is typical for scams and a clear contradiction to the limited spots. Else, the Public Millionaire app would not try all to nudge you to join.

Pat Burrows, Public Millionaire app’s scam actor

Public Millionaire app’s scam video is simpler than most known. For example is it with a total duration of 6:38 much shorter than comparable clips. It contains no subtitles, what it makes for non-english speaking guys and gals harder to understand. After you loaded the homepage, you will see first a guy, called himself Pat Burrows. In the century of search engines and social networks is it not hard to find the information about the inventor of an online offer. About this Pat Burrows are not additional information available, hence there are no doubts that this guy never exist.

Pat Burrows is a scam actor

Pat Burrows tells, that he was an average working guy, but got fired. Together with his highschool friend Barry – a computer geek – did he develop the Public Millionaire software. He tells not much about how the Public Millionaire app works. The video contains only additional scam tactics. It is filled with income claims and stock videos, for example of cars and tropical hotels. But this is not we are looking for. Pat Burrows sells only the dream of being rich, nothing more.

Public Millionaire app scam review conclusion

For a small offer with short video clip is the the Public Millionaire app full of scam tactics. Pat Burrows player only with your mind and try only to convince about this useless system. This all is a single big contradiction. The clear verdict: The Public Millionaire app is a scam!

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2 Replies to “Public Millionaire app scam review! Pat Burrows system in each fact.”

Charles Martino

July 1, 2017 at 6:53 pm

total scam!!!

total scam
lost all my money with this crap



July 16, 2017 at 9:06 am

Public Millionaire is a scam, but TAI is brilliant!!!

I joined the Public Millionaire and deposited 250 dollars to my broker account. This software placed on the first day 13 trades, 2 won, my account was empty. I received daily new mails from the Public Millionaire App to depose more money. I don’t know why, but I did it and lost a total of 1000 dollars.

But this was the best that could happen. I learned who I can trust and just joined the TAI Robot at begin of this week. This app wins each trade after another, I withdraw after only four days on Thursday my first 1000 dollars. I still cannot believe it, I am so excited and know how to earn money in the future.



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