How to start trading? Step for step guide!

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Hello, this article shows, how to start successful trading step by step. Trading is today very easy, but may look hard. If you need something, just email to [email protected] or use the simple contact form.

To be a Trader, you need nothing more than a strategy and a trading platform. It is strong recommend joining a semi-autotrading service. You usually don’t need to install them, most of them are web based. All current recommended software are one hundred percent free. Here do you learn steadily about the newest and best offers. See for example the trading solution The Calloway Software. There are three steps to start with your first trade: Join – Fund – Trade!

Your first step: Join the autotrader

You should at first delete your browser cookies. Cookies are small texts, stored by your browser. Some websites malfunction, if a cookie was already set by a previous visit. Please read the related post to learn how to delete them: How to delete your browser cookies?.

After you deleted your cookies, visit the homepage of your choice. We provide for any offer a short-link, for example Please always use these links to open the target website. Because the offers domain name may change in the future, this link will always point to the right target. Scammers often try to register similar-looking domains, so users who accidentally misspell URLs will end up at forged websites, where they faked the offer. This practice is called Cybersquatting.

After you clicked the short-link, you get redirect to the real website. This text assumes, you decided for The Calloway Software, but most autotrader pages looks similar. A video present, how it was created and your benefits. Watch the whole video to learn all you need about the software. Beside the video clip are text fields to enter your email address and full name. Type in your real data and press the big button.

A new frame appears to ask for more information. Use your right phone number, this is important to prove your identity. It is not allowed by law to pay out your trading profit without a previous identity prove. Press the big submit button to continue. A welcome screen will appear and an email with additional information will get send.

Check your inbox for the mail, it is may in the spam box. Consider adding the sender to your address book. Open and read the mail, it contains the login URL and -details. We provide beside of the URL in the Mail a short link to redirect direct to the login page, for example

Fund your account

You cannot make money without investing money (exception: Read Affiliate Marketing: Start to earn money!). Legit applications don’t manage money for your safety. When you register a free account (like above), the app selects the best broker for you. A broker manages your money and provides a platform for place trades. Many broker provides a so-called application programming interface, a way to communicate with external software. An autotrader just send the commands to your broker. The real trade is always started by the broker. You currently must not use an app, don’t have a broker in the background.

Autotraders cannot generate signals without funded account for technical reasons. The webapp shows, if the account is not funded, the broker website in a frame. It is not possible to describe the exact way for depositing money, since the broker websites look different, but it is very easy. Find the link to deposit, select your way of money transfer, for example via credit card, and follow the instructions. Don’t forget, the money always keep yours. You are with a funded account ready to trade!


Yeah, that was the hard part. Now starts the fun! We support current only semi-automatic traders. Scammer used full-automatic systems in the past to steal a lot of money. Semi-automatic systems show just signals and provide a button to place a trade in your broker platform.

All autotrader show current their signals in a grid. Select the signal of your choice. A good start is to focus first at the most stable Assets like EUR/USD, GBP/EUR and CAD/USD. You have basically two options: Either press the button of the signal to place a trade or open your broker platform in a separate browser window/tab and set up the trade by hand. The second way is more recommended, since you get a better feeling for trading and are able to combine the signals additional with other strategies, like trend pattern.

That is all you need to start trading. If you are in any step unsure, please email to [email protected] or use the simple contact form. Have much fun and see, how your account balance steadily increment.

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