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Step 2 Wealth by Richard Williams is a new scam try to bait you with unrealistic and false promises. This less weeks old software claims to be the step to earn a lot money for free and let you start into your financial freedom. This scam review will collect and check each fact and final clarify why you should not invest a single dime with this fraud app. Read now this whole testimonial to stay informed and safe in the future.

Step 2 Wealth web overview

Step 2 Wealth is a single black homepage. At the top is the text “You Are Guaranteed $10.000 After Watching This Video”. Below is a promotion video. Legit services tell you in such video presentations more about the website, while scams tell you nothings but lies. At the button is a form to input your email address and the typical badges used by scam software. Such badges are useless, because Step 2 Wealth don’t profit any proof.

Other than most scams provide Step 2 Wealth really a HTTPS website with real certificate, but this was issued by COMODO and not one of the issuer below. The video hosted at YouTube is very bad embed, a safe browser block the video at the HTTPS homepage. Step 2 Wealth don’t redirect like and legit applications all HTTP traffic to HTTPS. Never ever enter your personal details at a non-HTTPS page.

At the bottom left of the page is a fake spot countdown widget. The background shake threatening, the current free spots of 4 seem not to change or be random generated.

Step 2 Wealth unrealistic claims 0Step 2 Wealth unrealistic claims 1

Step 2 Wealth video analytic

You found the major part of the scam tactics in the short clip. Most scams use typical scam actors, hired from public places like the homepage This doesn’t mean the homepage is general bad, but an actor or actress which tell a fake report is simple ridiculous. In such a way exist typical a “primary actor” which is the founder, CEO or investigator of the software. Richard Williams would be this scam actor in this case.

Step 2 Wealth is on of the few scams that don’t use a primary actor, only a voice and text. A search at websites and social medias about this Richard Williams brought no results. You cannot rule out the possibility, that he really exist, but it doesn’t matter. You cannot trust a guy or gal which promise money but doesn’t dare to show his real face. The video clip starts direct with hired fake actors.

Richard Williams keeps the offer secret?

A basic statement of scams is that you are luckily to see the video, because you need a personal invitation. This is a big fat lie. Step 2 Wealth is a public homepage.and anybody can visit and join them. Scammers became already active and started to promoting this in all ways. At the end of the review do you find like always a direct link to this offer. Please don’t enter any personal details at Step 2 Wealth, you will soon find offer which generate real profits and not empty promises. Who did refer you to this strange crap? This is again a contradiction with the limited spot count.

Step 2 Wealth incoming claims

The basic initial deposit of a trading newbie are $250 to $500, while this scam promise $10.000 daily. That is only a bad joke. It is mathematical impossible to earn such much cash, in less time, especially if you use the right money management strategy. Step 2 Wealth’s target are trading beginners which starting with a relatively low basic investment. Step 2 Wealth additional seem to failed in math, because it claims to make over $360.000 in one month and over 3.6 million us dollar in one year. A month has at the most 31 days, hence this scam would only made 310.000 dollar. At the weekend are most markets worldwide closed, which trading very limiting. It is not recommended for a day trader to trade anything at weekend. That are on average only 21 trading days and $210.000 each month.

No idea why scam videos tells steadily about a “live” video, at a public video clip. Step 2 Wealth doesn’t show a really proof video, because you see nothing than an incrementing deposit. The average legit software predict the market movement to 85 %. It is not easy to raise the winning rate still more, because it would exclude potential wins. Losing is a part of the game, and you cannot avoid it. This is exact the unrealistic lies, scams try to bait new traders.

What Richard Williams really sells

Step 2 Wealth tells nothing helpful for a beginning trader. It tells a fanciful story about a secret group and a more than unrealistic income. There are investors out which really could earn these sums, but have far more money to invest. The video is full of stock photos. These are photos, taken by everyone everywhere and sold or offered by free by different agencies. These image should only support the dream of being rich. You will fast find offers that generate real profit and not such a waste of time.

The video is full of contradictions and fuzzy statements, for example “When looking at the monthly statistics the average is at least $285.000 net profit earned by each and every one of our members”. Is this the profits on average or at least? Such strange statements are mostly parts of lies, because it is hard to invent a fictional story.

Step 2 Wealth stock photos

Step 2 Wealth scam review conclusion

Step 2 Wealth is a classical version of a fraud autotrading robot. The income promise is very unrealistic. These get mixed up with hired scam actor- and actress and text “mails”. According to the WHOIS request was the domain register at January 2017, while the last mail shown in the video was sent at least September 2016. It tells adventurous of a hidden exclusive club, the S2W, in which the members earn thousands of dollar each day. Putting all together is only one verdict possible: Richard Williams Step 2 Wealth is a scam!

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