TAI Robotic Trend Indicator scam review! Brilliant software, real profits!

TAI Robotic Trend Indicator:

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The TAI Robotic Trend Indicator by Alex Knecht and his team is a new service to protect you against scam. Please take care to don’t follow reviews from people which doesn’t have a glue about trading. This software is one of the less which generates real profits for all customers and is one hundred percent free to use. It is important that you use in your precious time only the best tools. The TAI Robotic Trend Indicator has passed all strict tests to be confirmed as safe and legit app, so it is now approved to join. Don’t miss getting your free access now:

Create my personal free account now: → https://www.tairobotic.com
Login URL: → https://software.tairobotic.com

Someone said “The world best indicator is the human eyes“. But now we have artificial eyes!

More about the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator:

The TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is presented by a guy, calling himself John Doe. Logical, that is not his real name. This doesn’t matter, because he is a paid actor to presenting the software. A paid guy to represent a company is not uncommon, even big companies pay people to official represent it. Not all was made for speaking to a camera. TAI stand for Trading Artificial Intelligence and is a semi-automatic trading software for binary options.

Alex Knecht was formerly a senior programmer that used NVIDIA technology to automatic drive cars. The TAI Robotic Trend Indicator use the same way for his indicator to scan the market for the best trading opportunities by a learning neuronal network. Neuronal networks are a bit hard to understand, and Alex Knecht is not very talkative. A description of neuronal networks do you find below, but this is not important to use this great tool. If you are interested in winning trades, you simple have to make one click to execute a trade.

TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is verified scam-free

It the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator honesty to you?

A major part of the representation is how honest it is. Even if the trader earn money, you cannot trade with a software that isn’t trustworth. Nowhere at this website do you find a lie. There is no doubt that TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is one of the few really honest offer you will find online. The whole tool is absolutely scam-free, hence forget all the lies we expose day for day.

It the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator profitable?

Oh yes, but this can you always assume if you find here a legit app. For many traders is this the most important fact, hence it is the most important for us. In our tests was the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator amazing. 8 of 10 winning trades are possible, sometimes 10 of 10. It is the prove how good results are possible if somebody with knowledge develop an app, and how simple anybody can double and triple his initial deposit. But it’s boring to speak only about. Join the newsletter now to the right and stay tuned for more results.

A genius risk management system!

The TAI Robotic Trend Indicator has without any question the most advanced risk management of all available trading solutions. This is a very important fact. It contains various settings that you don’t want miss, among others these:

  • Big selection of all your preferred assets
  • Big selection of all your preferred expire times, inclusively 60-second and long term
  • General selection of your risk level
  • Investment for each trade
  • Daily stop lost
  • Daily investment sum
  • Selection of the used strategy

How to trade? What strategy should I use?

This unique software contains an easy web frontend. This is a seriously underestimated fact. Many scams want you to download and execute a binary file. This is their way to distribute malware and control your computer. We care for your safety, it is very important that you don’t download files without trusting them a one hundred percent. TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is usable like a website. This make sure you keep safe.

You don’t need to set up anything, because the initial settings working for anybody. But if you are an absolute beginner, it is still recommended deactivating 60-second and 2-minute trades. They could be a bit tricky.

It is a pure signal generator. When a signal occur, do you have the choice of “Trade” or “Don’t trade”. That is all, there are no other manual signals. This is a good choice. While experienced trader earn additional money, tending beginners to trade them haphazard and lose. As a binary option beginner is it the best for you to trade each signals. There is not a strategy to use, which make it very easy.

Don’t think you get overwhelm by signals. It generates, compared with other apps, few but very high accurate trades. If you own a notebook (if not could you buy one with your new income), sit down on the couch, turn on television and watch your favorite series. When the software asking for acknowledge, press the button and watch your deposit growing. Easier and beginner friendly is not possible! Below is an image of a fresh account, you see how easy it is:

TAI Robotic Trading Indicator interface

The TAI Robotic Trend Indicator cares for your safety!

Today becomes it more and more important to transfer data over strong encrypted wires. This is one of the basics, a website which doesn’t offer the right safety will never get a recommendation. The application support the most advanced technologies to make each visit safe like you would sit direct in the front of the server cloud.

I get the information “amountOptionsAre: 5, 10, 30…; Error Code: 29808”! With what investment sum should I start?

This happening, because not all broker support any investment sums for short-term options. This great autotrader is optimized for 60-second options, hence you have to choose the right investment sum. 5 and 10 are too small for classical options, where the usually minimal investment sum is 25. So it is recommended to increment your investment to 30, if your broker doesn’t support 25 on short terms. This small change make no big different, but make it possible to trade in all ways and earn a lot money.

Fast, nice support

Providing top-level support and maintenance services for your trading solution is the highest priority. Alex Knecht’s Team has a very nice and fast 24/7 email support, in the case you stuck. It’s recommend to add this email address to your mail address book to make sure, support mails will never caught into your filters.

When is the best time to trade with the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator?

The recommended trading time is general 11:00 to 20:00 UTC. Outside this time are only less important stock exchanges open. Many trader take a break between 14:00 and 15:00, because at this times opening the Atlantic stock markets (NASDAQ, NY, Mexican, Canada). While a market opening, some asset prices may drives crazy. At weekend have you time to relax. Some fishy services tell you can trade 7 days each week. That is true, but it is not suitable for binary options and very risky.

What’s next?

Joining TAI Trend Indicator is fast an easy

Let’s compare the great TAI Robotic Trend Indicator with the usually bogus crap we review and blacklist day for day. Fraud apps using scam actors to hide the real authors. TAI Robotic Trend Indicator show the real creator, Alex Knecht. A scam places random trades with an average winning rate of at most 50 %. This unique self-learning application have a ITM rate of around 90 % over a longer time. And TAI don’t use any unrealistic promises like the average fishy crap. All in all shows all experiences only once: The TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is scam-free.

Don’t waste time and visit the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator homepage. It is always a good idea to clear up your browser cookies before you visit the page, to make sure all working well. Below the video is the form to enter your email address. You should use a new email address to catch all incoming messages from the team, it were bad to miss any news. Follow the easy steps, and the free access is in few minutes yours.

What is a neuronal network? How works the app?

A neuronal network is the try to simulate brain of a living form. Nobody is one hundred percent sure how a brain works in all details, but the development of neuronal networks goes back to the sixties. The brain is nothing more than a big connection of nerve cells, called neurons. A neuron is loaded with salt ions. When the load of a neuron reaches a threshold, it pushes his salt ions to connected neurons, which become more loaded and may push their salt to other neurons, called firing.

The reason why computers calculating numbers a way faster than humans is, because computers are build to compute. Humans are not build to calculate, but to detect pattern. Detecting pattern is on the other hand a very hard job for computers. They need millions of mathematical formulas and instructions, and are not accurate like a human. Detecting chart pattern is only one small part of the usage of a neuronal network. The game Supreme commander 2 use a trained neuronal network to control the enemy, and armies all around the glob use neuronal networks to detect disguised units in the field.

If you are interested in neuronal Network, the Wikipedia entry is recommended: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_neural_network

The webapp in the press

The bottom line is that this app is the most impressive and high powered Forex [Annoy: TAI support only bo] and binary options trading tools that we have seen ever. An awesome underlying algorithm dictated by a genius level artificial intelligence, tonnes of choice, and big profits are what you can expect from this earth shattering trading tool.

Binary Options Army

TAI Robotic Trend Indicator scam review conclusion – is it a scam?

Thank you very much for reading this review. Please like and share this review at social networks like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, and join the newsletter to the right to get new information soon as possible. For further questions, email to [email protected], use the small contact form or ask direct in a comment below. When you are already earning money with your personal TAI account, please take a minute of your time to leave a review.

It’s a really good software and user earning already a lot money. It is definitively not wrong to join up. Being successfully is no problem, the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is definitively scam-free, according to our definitions and experiences! The most important of our self-imposed goals is to bet scammer out of the business. The best way is not only to warn against theses, but to find the real working softwares in the industry. When you trade with a real working solution, you will never fall for scams with their unrealistic promises and other crap. When you join now, you will be protected against scam.

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11 Replies to “TAI Robotic Trend Indicator scam review! Brilliant software, real profits!”


July 2, 2017 at 10:32 am

hello, must i trade until the tai indicator learned?



    July 2, 2017 at 11:32 am

    Definitively, you must not. The network become trained in the background. Usually, for training do you use demo data. This are probably past market data. The network get the the data as input, and an algorithm modify the neurons charges until the network has as output the right value (in a simpled boolean output model “CALL” or “PUT”). This happen steadily with billions of data. Trading is done by an already full trained network.


Erik Szekeres

July 2, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Best software i ever had

As a trader who was betrayed by a lot of dirty scam, i was very skeptical. I know the dirty tricks like stolen images, awful cheap scam actors and impossible promises.
But the tai robotic trend indicator is a very professional offer. You can earn money without train in a demo account, just by activating the full autotrading function. The project is full transparent and absolutely free. My capital raised from my initial $250 to already $1153. I have soon my full money back, i lost with all the scams. Afterwards i wonder why i did not join the legit apps before and fell for such obvious lies.


Leo N.

July 3, 2017 at 9:02 am

Program of the future, high payout, great support

the TAI Trend Indicator goes very viral. Most trader recommend it, but a few media say it is scam, so I was in doubt. Now I can say that this few people have no idea what they talk about. TAI is guarantee the program of the future! Just after login I saw the very powerful but simple to use risk management. My deposit was first not visible and I sent a message to the support. Within fifteen minutes did I receive the response, that I should now reload the page. Now was my deposit visible and I could start trading. This is so good, I never had such a fast support response.
The predict of the market is very accurate. I win mostly 9 of 10 trades and have already initialized my first withdraw. Keep it up, TAI!


Malik Shishani

July 3, 2017 at 1:12 pm

You will guarantee be successful!

Hello buddies.
Just joined up the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator platform and invested a small amount of the weekly payments of other legitimate listened autotrader. Entering was fast and easy. It took not a quarter of an hour to create the personally free account and start trading. I started earning around $100 per hour full on autopilot with a low risk setting. It is incredible, I used already a lot legit apps, but I’m absolutely sure that the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is the absolutely best software currently available!

A small tip from me: set the daily stop lost to a small sum and try various kinds of settings to find the best.

I hope my report helps you to use the right trusted autotrader.


Bozena C.

July 3, 2017 at 3:44 pm

Create account, activate autotrading, withdraw money

I remember back at all the scams I fell before I finally found the TAI Robot. This unique software already compensated all the previous losses after the first withdraw. Already after a whole day running incremented my deposit from $250 to $329. I could quick set a higher daily trade amount and withdraw my first $1.500. You will not become a millionaire after one month, this is pure illusion. But you will very fast able to pay easily your bills and buy nice things you ever wanted.

Good luck, Bozena


Tómas Á

July 5, 2017 at 3:40 pm

Ultimate answer to money making questions!!!

Hello gals and guys,
here is my testimonial and view of the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator:

I decide to register after I read the many positive opinions. This was fast and easy. I do not understand anything about neuronal networks, but this is absolutely not necessary. Few simple clicks are enough to set up your profile to start incrementing your fund. The quality algorithm has the potential to let dreams become true and earn unlimited money. It is surely impossible to fail, else you must do all wrong!



July 5, 2017 at 11:25 pm

Absolutely legit

Hello, I’m very careful when I join a new autotrader. It is not the money I may lose, but I hate to become scammed. I like to compare the offer with usually known scams to make sure that this offer has full support and helps.

Most psychological tricks repeats over and over again to sell their sh*t software. We all know the dangerous scam actors, beware of them. Luckily, the TAI Trend Indicator is free of these. Panic statements like fake spot countdowns to nudge users are not new, I hope such scam will die in the future, while the legit TAI Robot Trend Indicator will be works for the lifetime. The best way to keep away from scams is to join legit services. When you enter a scam, you are not a user or a trader. You are a customer!

The usage is great for beginners. You need no train or market analyze, the default preference of this bot is great for a newbie. Usually begins it instantly to collect market data, place and win trades without technique requirements. It’s great to see software which is easy to use to earning money.

To conclude it in short: TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is free of fraudulent tactics and a great opportunity. Don’t wait, you must test it immediate!


otto lennert

July 6, 2017 at 10:12 am

yo bro, check out the tai robotic trend indicator
it is easy to master the classic control with the well documented website interface.

while the bad services cheat you with the help of fake photos and have a volatile of 5 of 10 winning trades, is tai a fusion of its easy usability with stable profits. you can how your financial freedom starts today. it is my current favorite autotrader and definitively your time worth. check out this brilliant software before it is too late.



July 10, 2017 at 5:22 pm

hater gonna hate. i love this software and have already more money i could ever spend. when you don’t recognize a great offer, then is your fail no miracle.


Diego B. Wilcox

July 14, 2017 at 4:46 pm

As a wall street trader is my job to test tools for our customers. Most of the Forex- and binary option trades become executed by robots, and I find the best tools to distribute the investors’ portfolio.
This software is the most advanced in the market. I never saw a higher accurate autotrader with such a great risk management. You should absolutely enter before it’s too late. Most of my customer had fulfilled her dreams with this easy program.

(This is a personal recommendation and is not associated with the company, I work for)


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