Tera App scam review! All details of the Terabit Trader follow-up!

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The Tera App by Richard Heffner is a ridiculous scam. If you have already read the Terabit Trader scam review, not much will be new to you, because it is only a bad continue. Terabit’s homepage is not anymore available, hence a direct compare is not possible. Please read the whole scam review to the end. For trader which don’t know Terabit will this review analyze each detail, others laugh about this funny crap system.

Tera App’s website

The homepage looks has a typical simple design. The promotion video is the most dump fact. It is exact the same video clip, showed already in the Terabit Trader. These scammers haven’t even removed or changed the banner in the corner. We will later come back to this and analyze the video in each detail.

The Tera App is a scam!

Below the video clip is an animation with “live results” of current members. That is simple unrealistic. The Tera App should calculate as autotrading bot trading opportunities and place them for all member parallel. Showing personal wins is only possible in a semi-automatic or manual system, but the Tera App say exact the opposite: “Fully Automated with NO Past Experience Required”. The truth is showed by a Google image search. These people of supposed members are only stock photos! The image are found at many other websites and are not real trader, and the animation running at weekend too.

The offer looks not really like an offer that earn a lot of money; rather like a software, created by a single guy in a few hours. For example repeats the same paragraph two times. At the end of the page are supposed badges of trustedverified.com. Issuer of real badges offer proofs for them. The issuer date is 2016-08-31. According to a WHOIS request was the domain of Tera App register at 2017-03-16. 2016-08-31 was the register date of the old Terabit Trader scam.

Tera App’s old well-known video

Like mentioned above is the whole video the same uploaded to the old Terabit Trader scam. It is presented by a very often seen scam actor, for example in the old GPS Trader and the previous reviewed Omnia App. Known actors and actress are a typical way to identify scam softwares.

Tera App use stock photos

Tera App claims to earn $850 each hour. Real smart trader use a money management strategy. The typical starting deposit of a newbie is $250 to $500, the basic investment sum is $25 for each trade. Each investor should follow this to be successful. Read more about in the beginner tips. This means you need around 43 wins without any loses to earn this incredible sums. It is logical that this is mathematical impossible.

The Tera App suggest that Binary options are 100 % risk free. This is a lie, and exactly why such things like a money management strategy is very important. You reduce with the risk to the minimum.

Richard Heffner – a lot old well-known lies

Scams bandy typical the same lies. You will get money after only 24 hours into your personal bank account. Governments checking money transfers carefully to make sure that you made this money legally. Broker follow mostly the same restricts like banks, the cash has to pass many checks. Sometimes take it up to a week or still longer. The trick is to withdraw less but often, so your bank account increment steadily.

The story of the Tera App respectively Terabit Trader is very old, its idea is that you lose trades, because you are not fast enough. This is sometimes true, but in most cases is not speed the limiting factor. Indicators predict the market only with an average precision of 85 %. Some autotrader combine them and reach higher win rates, but even with the most common and strongest indicator – news – do you sometimes lose a trade. Simple because the market moves in the wrong direction. The Terabit Trader video clip speak about 100 % strike rate while the Tera App tells about 97 %. Such contradictions are typical for inventions.

The Tera App don’t give up

The Terabit video told over months that today the final day to join is, hence the Tera App scam do the same. This lie is easily to expose, wait until tomorrow. But this is not requirement, the website is online since days. The Terabit Trader was with this video more than a half year online. Now it is offline, that is their definition of a “life-time access”.

Tera App and his fake members

The image of supposed members is only a joke. They have all English sounding names and most live in the United States (Florida, Iowa, New Jersey…). We know that in the USA are other binary option rules. No autotrader support Nadex, the current only US-regulated broker, hence US residents can only trade at not regulated broker. This is a very big risk and illegal! Real legit autotrading bots don’t allow US citizen. For the states exist other ways to earn money. You find a direct link to the current best legit software at the end of this Tera App scam review.

This picture contains no join date. But this is logical, the video is ten months old and claims still that this 10 people joined yesterday. It contains a paid column too. That is very interesting. It looks like the Tera App pay you the income, but this is a dump idea. The truth is that it place trades in your broker account, hence your broker transfer you the money.

Tera App scam review conclusion

The Tera App was a recycled form of the old verified scam Terabit Trader. This scam actor had already a lot of gigs and tell only already exposed lies. The main part of the whole offer are empty and unrealistic promises. There are no doubts, the clear verdict is: The Tera App is a scam, avoid it!

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