Tesler experiences and scam review – 9 must-read facts!

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Hello, welcome to the Tesler experiences and scam review. Steadily come new scams out which use well-known words to look legit and like a great and unique money making scheme. But a closer view show that Tesler by Steven Abrahams is already the same scam, seen a thousand times before. If you think about joining Tesler, please take time and read this full text to learn, how the Tesler autotrading app try to steal your cash and what the best way for earning money from home is.

UPDATE: Tesler is back with a new scam: Rio Profits. Please take care to avoid this fraud service.

1) Tesler experiences: Is today Tesler’s final day?

Short answer: No. This is an old lie. The Tesler goes a step further than classical scam and replaces only some frames of the promotion video. But it is and keeps only a fake! Dubious sources promoting this software already in all possible ways, and the Tesler software will be available until most people lost their deposit. That these scammers still change it for weeks shows how despair they try to nudge poor investors.

Tesler is a scam!

2) Do you see results in under five minutes?

From a logical point of view makes this statement absolutely no sense. You cannot say after five minutes, if an app is profitable. It is no secret that neither a program nor a human trader can predict the market movements to a hundred percent. Even the best available tool can lose the first placed trade. Really important is only the winning rate after one or still more weeks. At this homepage do you find the most well-tested bots and similar, but the Tesler will never ever be a part of them.

3) Do member in your location earn $208.33 per hour?

The base of each trading strategy is risk management. We ignore the fact, that the stock markets are one hour each day closed, while at weekend are only high-risk assets open. This doesn’t mean that these assets are general bad, but useless if you want earn money with binary options. Other assets, other ways to increment your capital. With a standard investment sum of $25 will you never make $208 per hour.

A classic binary option has a payout sum of 180 % on average, hence an average profit of $20. Tesler has to place at least 10 trades to generate such income, if it loses some still more. If you have anytime used a real autotrading app, do you know that such software wait for the best conditions to place the right trade and don’t fire them like a machine gun. This is very dump and a great way to blow your investment away. That you cannot trade anywhere, for example North Korea, is only one small part of the big lie.

4) Why show Katie Steven Abrahams a bank account?

We have no idea. This is only another dishonest statement of the Tesler autotrading bot. Never believe that the creators of a supporting software send you cash. Legit robots raise your income, but withdrawing the earned bucks is always your job! Why should you pay money to a broker account, if Tesler withdraw them? This is a more scary thought than the random trades of a scam. But he tells later “You can always withdraw your profit, it is up to you”. The story, that you can withdraw your income in a single minute is not wrong in general, but brings a completely false impression. The money need may a week to pass all checks and reach your bank account. That is why you should steadily start withdraws of low amounts to create a strong money flow.

5) Is the Tesler website something you have never seen before?

Of course, it isn’t. It is the same thing  we did already seen a million times before. The scam actor is not a new face and tell again a funny story. It is never mathematical impossible to lose money, and Steven Abrahams don’t tell you anything usefully. The idea that you will never ever lose if it reacts fast enough is very often used, for example in the already blacklisted GPS Trader. That is enough to add it to the typical No loss Scams. Tesler tries to tell, that an application can have doubt. That is pure bs. It trades in fixed ways. The result depends only at these pattern. Steven Abrahams say he “has absolutely nothing to sell to you, so put away your wallet”. This statement is like a scam detector. It was heard so many times, that it got another own category. His Wallstreet “Mr. Midas” is a old part of previose scams too. We need to stop these crap before the come out with a next version in the future!

6) Will the Tesler cost a half percent after day 41?

The story is, that Tesler will automatic take 0.5 % of your profit. The main question is: makes this sense? From where gets Steven Abrahams this? Your cash is deposed at your broker account, withdraw the scammer direct from there? This is just another idiotically nonsense of these scammers. It is a clear contradiction with “I have nothing to sell” too, and may to the fact, that he make already thousand times more with the usage of the platform.

Steven Abrahams is a scam actor!

7) Tesler investments: A company with a value of 673 million dollar?

Steven Abrahams will build up Tesler Investments from nothing. We ignore the homophony to a well-known company and one of the smartest people in the history. The autotrader is not open to the public, how made he money? A quick search bring absolutely no result, except warnings about joining this scam.

8) Use Tesler fake spot countdowns?

Fake counter are a common tactic of scams, and was already exposed at a thousand fraud homepages before. Typical are such strange lies JavaScript outputs which count steadily in a time range down and stop at one. Tesler makes it easier and has the value renderered direct into the video clip. Current is it only a mp4-file, uploaded and inlined from vidit.co. Nothing more, nothing less.

9) Earn up to $10.000 each day?

Like mentioned before, the basic trade amount of a newbie is $25, but let’s assume you invest far more: $100. The payout would be around $100 + $80 dollars for winning trades. 10.000 divided by 80 is 125, that means you have to place and win 125 trades daily to earn $10.000. That this will not work should be clear!

Tesler experiences and scam review conclusion: Is the it and Steven Abrahams transparency?

All Tesler experiences was very bad. The app is only online since middle December (WHOIS request, old domain name), but if there is a vote for the most lies in a scam, Tesler is definitively one of the favorites. After reading this review, you know already all to avoid the webpage. There is only one verdict possible: Tesler is a big scam!

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