The London system is scam! The story never ends…

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After the Aussie method and the Sydney system now the London system. Not any question, that is scam too. But lets analystic logical.

Here are full page screenshots to compare both (540 kb!):


It’s really boring to see the same crap with another name. Both scams use the same video:

Take a look on the video name: “Aussie clone rev from AdvertFly on Vimeo”.
The video is featured by a celebrity:


This girl we all know and love as “Cindy”. The Irish girl is may the Scam-Princess.

I have take a look to the images of “users” on the site and what have I found?



I think each comment is needless.

The Twitter comments are fakes too and get imported from

Change the GET query parameter to any others and see another prepared fake:

Without the query parameter you see the test post:

What will be next (after the Toronto system)? The Tokyo system? The Bulgaria system? The Andromeda galaxy system? I take all bets!

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