Traders Matrix scam review! Only a bad copy of real working software!

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Traders Matrix is a relatively new offer, claim to copy trades automatic or manually from the best binary option traders. Be warned about this fraud homepage. It is only a try to copy a real successful software, while it place random trades and blow your deposit away fast as possible. Other than typical binary option- and Forex offers tell the Traders Matrix not very much about. No story about the development and no personal performance of the supposed creators Robert Michaels and Chris Amado. Read now this review to the end to learn why it is a very bad idea to follow this system and learn how to make now real make money online.

Traders Matrix is a scam

Traders Matrix’s creators Robert Michaels and Chris Amado

Transparency is one of the major factors of a binary option solution. You need exactly to know who is behind the app. Both tell the was former Forex and commodities traders, and turned into Binary Options trading. But none of them dare to share his face. Robert Michaels is the name of a popular Canadian guitarist and vocalist. In the century of social networks and large search engines is it easily to figure a lot about a people out, especially if it is the leather of a big online project. The search about them brought a lot results. It is a little bit hard to form the right search queries but there are a lot Robert Michaels and Chris Amado’s, but not one is related to Traders Matrix!

Traders Matrix tells that the market is covered by a professional team 24 hours per day and the trading week (five days) is spitted in three sessions. They are assigned to two traders. It were interesting to hear the duration of such a session. We can assume that a session take less than 24 hours, hence you will not get much income. Trading less means don’t rising your winning rate, like the Traders Matrix bot suggest. Software’s and indicator’s winning rate is noted in perceptual winning rate. A rate of 90 percent means that you win about nine of ten and 90 of 100 trades. But why is the market observed 24/5 if there are only three trading sessions each week? The Traders Matrix bring far more questions than clarify.

Traders Matrix contains only vague texts

Just autotrading robots, which handle accounts with hundreds of dollar, should tell you many about and be honest with you. The Traders Matrix is not one of them. It tells you nothing specific, only generic promotion text found at any website. It tells that it won’t show any results, but exactly this is the most important fact. At YouTube and trusted blogs do you find a lot real successful stories and strategies, but for the Traders Matrix do you only find warns to don’t join this scam. This homepage is full of empty promises.

Traders Matrix stole the interface

“Copy” is a good word associated with the Traders Matrix. Like mentioned before contains the website a short video clip, showing the user interface. Parts of this HTML page was copied from a legit and great software. You may have seen the way signals are showed at recommended legit apps.

Traders Matrix stole the interface

The whole interface is not user-friendly. It contains even no button to start and stop autotrading. Nobody should use such an underdeveloped crap interface.

Traders Matrix contains self-created badges

At the bottom of the website are the typical badges. They look this time unique, compared with other known scams. These five badges are together only one image. Real ones would be a separate files. The pictures contain no issuer. A real badged contains a line, telling who awarded it. A quick Google image search showed that these images was never used at another homepage. This is the absolutely proof that it exclusively was designed by the guy and gals behind the Traders Matrix scam.

Traders Matrix contains fake badges

The Traders Matrix tells like many scams that it was proofed by an independent third party, but never which company verified the system. That makes it incredible. The Traders Matrix would after a real test of a external service telling when it was, who it done and show a proof like a real badged with link to the issuer.

Traders Matrix scam review conclusion

The Traders Matrix tells not very much and keep the classical scam tactics at minimum. On the first looks do it real looks legit, but a second more accurate look expose all the scam tactics. After reading this review carefully, you know already how this offer want to cheat you and the verdict: Traders Matrix is a scam!

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