TradeTime experiences and scam review: Big fraud system!

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Hello, welcome to the TradeTime experiences and scam review. TradeTime looks like the industry leading trading platform for contract of differences. It is allegedly a software that provide you with the worldwide best signals and a full configurable interface. But we receive already mails of a lot scammed people to warn against. The whole offer is not so great as it looks. Please read the full page to the end, before you invest any money.

TradeTime experiences: A legit company?

TradeTime is run by the Capital Process LTD. This is a real registered company in the United Kingdom under the number 09826908. A real business is not the proof for a good working software. We have already exposed ponzi schemes and much more scams drove by companies. Creating a company is mostly fast and easy. More important is a valid license by the FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority. The TradeTime aka Capital Process LTD is not licensed! That means, they act illegal and your money is definitively not safe. This TradeTime experience is a huge reason to call it a scam.

TradeTime experiences and scam review

At the TradeTime homepage lacks the basic information, you do not find a real name. The only reason for the broker to work anonymous is, that the guys and gals  behind are scammer. Hiding the own identity is an easy to steal your money without being fear of reprisal in any manner. TradeTime has other than a regular trading app we verify and use daily, as broker full direct access to your deposit. Never ever pay anybody who don’t tell his real identity.

TradeTime leave no time to spam

This is the may most dangerous scam tactic used by these guys. Clients of the TradeTime reports about massive spam. From the first moment become members permanent contacted by phone and email in the manner to invest more money. A real licensed broker doesn’t this, and it is not allowed. The TradeTimes scammer call continuous and ask for more money. Real broker calls you usual one times to want know if you need help and to verify that you are a real person. This is important for later withdraws, because broker has similar rules as banks.

TradeTime fake signals

No customer has reported about his experiences of a successful withdraw. TradeTime steal the money in the front of their users. Some told losing their full deposit without placing a single trade. This is a big red flag, they have already stolen too much money from investors.

There are still more experience reports calling the TradeTime a scam. The signals are pure fake and reach a winning rate of around 50 %. This is usual for scam. User lost even money, when the price moves in the right direction. It uses all possible ways to rip you off.

TradeTime experiences and scam review conclusion

Daily sending former user her bad TradeTime experiences. There is only one option left, the TradeTime is definitive a scam. Please continue reading this page to the end.

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3 Replies to “TradeTime experiences and scam review: Big fraud system!”

Van Der Wal

November 19, 2018 at 12:55 pm

Britonprice and brightertrade are they also so scammers I invest 5100€ in brightertrade and my account is empty


Richard Hoffmann

March 12, 2019 at 1:52 pm

Britonprice = Gangster, Betrüger ohne jedliche Scham

Britonprise = Betrüger
Ich habe zwar noch Geld Online auf dem Konto aber niemand ist erreichbar oder meldet sich zurück.
Also Britonprice => Gangster ohne jedliche Scham
Hat jemand schon versucht diese Betrüger mit Sitz in Sofia, Bulgarien zu verklagen? – wäre sofort dabei!


Karl-Heinz Angerer

July 12, 2019 at 4:33 pm

Vorsicht !

Aktion Juni 2019
Ich habe glücklicherweise nur € 500 einbezahlt mir wurde ein Ergebnis von
€ 1402 vorgemacht . Als ich meine 500 wieder ausbezahlt haben wollte wurde mir mitgeteilt das nur € 360 zur Verfügung stehen ! Besser als nichts , dachte ich und habe diesen Betrag angefordert . Erhalten habe ich bisher nichts !!!!
Nach Abrechnung der Kreditkarte wurden meine € 500 sofort in Rubel getauscht und verschwanden in Russland …….ha,ha,ha ! Das sieht nicht sehr gut aus , also wie oben beschrieben VORSICHT !!!!


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