United Trading scam review: Next generation social network

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United Trading is a new social project to earn money for all member, and you can become a part of it for free. Never trade alone, the idea of social trading is not new, but this is the first time that a legit binary option system really implement it. Before you think “Stop kidding” read below what this crazy software offer and don’t waste your time with waiting.

Main website url: unitedtrading.cc
Login URL after you got your free account: software.unitedtrading.cc

How profitable is United Trading?

This is a little bit hard to say, because it depends on the trader which are online and voting. The won trades alternate between 85 and 100 %. All trades are easily semi-automatic to place. Simple insert your trading volume and click a button to start. The United Trading network has a list of the best trader. Anyone doesn’t work for his own deposit, he works for the team. Together we are strong! It is a great chance for still learning beginners too: Trader with a successful rate above 90 % join the Social Trader Team to raise the winning rate of the whole system. Steadily join new trader to increment the winning rate.

United Trading network main website

Is United Trading easy to use?

Even with the social trading functions is this unique offer for each trader – no matter if newbies or already professional – very easy to use. The website contains a simple sidebar with additional information, states and similar, a small menu at the top and a lot signal to trade with only one click. United Trading is split up in three trading rooms: “Social Trading”, “Semi-automatic trading” and “Go Trading” – this room combine the major parts of both others.

Do United Trading keep you the full control?

Having the control about your deposit is may the most important fact. Some bad auto trading platforms don’t have a stop button. Such a software is unworthy of discussion. United Trading do only anything what you want. It is the most most developed app out now! Regulated broker protect your always withdrawable money.

Is United Trading compatible with each device?

Trading at mobile devices like Smartphones become more and more popular. This is why it is important that the tools don’t use crap third-party softwares like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. The United Trading client was written in plain HTML and JavaScript. That each modern device can execute it to make money from home, coffee shops, or even in the work. The design is full responsible. The design is full responsible. That means it looks good at any screen size, no matter if you use a small mobile phone or a big desktop monitor. You don’t need to download nor install anything, since the software is a hundred percent webbasing.

United Trading social interface

Do you get help if you stuck?

People make mistakes, but great people fix it. Send a eMail to the both support addresses in case of any problem – one for technical and one for general problems. In the menu do you find additional the so-called “Education Center”. This contains videos how to use United Trading and get the best from it.

Trading news

This is an extra goody for fundamental traders: United Trading contains a list of the latest news and direct hyperlinks to articles at famous news pages like bloomberg.com. This make trading news easy than never!

Double and triple your profits

This is a very good option for advanced users. United Trading can get connected with more than one broker. Splitting your money between broker makes possible to double and triple your profits. But it is recommend to place first some trades at a single broker and get the right feeling for the platform before you connect more broker.

Any disadvantage?

Yes, one. We know, the United States have differently rules for the binary option industry. Too bad, United Trading is not available for civilities of the U.S.A. but there are other offers which will help to raise your income strong.

What said other professional binary option traders?

Hours after Union Trader was online was the web full of reviews and experiences. Below is only a small selection of the mass of positive feedbacks.

Our conclusion for our United Trading Network review is kind of a no-brainer. There is nothing about this app that we don’t like. Some may ask, ‘’Why should I sign up?’’ Our reply would probably be. ‘’Well, why shouldn’t you?’’ You can only gain using this system And by gain we mean more than just profits. You’re also getting superior education. Side by side trading with successful traders will gain you a wealth of knowledge along with your desired trading results. Why not go for it! We certainly are!

Bronwyn, thebinaryadvisory.com

From my research I have seen this platform get glowing by alot of highly reputable reviewers and experts. After everything I have seen with this trading platform I am impressed by it and think it could do very very well. I have also talked to a few friends who are also constantly reviewing trading systems and the overall feedback is very positive that this could be a winner. They don’t tell us how long they will leave the free doors open so my advice is to grab your place now as I don’t want anyone to be disappointed that they have missed out on a free place to use the United Trading Network software.


As a Binary trader for 5 years, any trading system incorporation legitimate strategies used worldwide by investors, its encouraging & refreshing to see these principles applied to such a useful software many traders will enjoy. United Trading Network is NOT a Scam, but a beneficial trading solution everyone can use!

Paul C, prestigebinaryoptions.com

Advances of United Trading:

This is why the United Trading is suitable for anyone:

  1. Genius unique social trader – Never trade alone!
  2. Proved high accuration of between 85 % and 100 % winning trades over time; depending on online users.
  3. Absolutely free to use.
  4. Your money is always withdrawable.
  5. Regulated broker protect your deposit.
  6. Your earning starts with a low initial deposit.
  7. Simple web interface, each child could use it.
  8. The app is full transparent.
  9. Full responsible design, fit on any display and is compatible to each actual device.
  10. Suitable for anybody. Beginners learning to trade together, professional trading in the high score list to the top!
  11. Semi-automatic trading system. You keep the full control over the application.
  12. The software gets steadily improved still more – not only at technical side, steadily join new great trader to make the group more stronger
  13. Compatible to each actual device and webbrowser, full responsive and no additional download need.
  14. Great support team and education center
  15. Advanced users can double and triple their incoming.
  16. And far more… Don’t want to trade still alone and rather join the power of a social network.

How to join the United Trading network for free

Joining the network is current very easily. You should clear your cookies to make sure all works well. Using a unique email you have never used at any other software and broker is recommend to avoid sync problems, but not necessary. Click the button below, it points direct to the offer. Watch the video to learn all you need to know about the tool; and type in your eMail address to receive immediate further instructions to get your free access as soon as possible.

In the case of other questions, please mail to [email protected] or use the small Contact Form.

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