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Hello, welcome to the Verified Robot experiences and scam review. Verified Robot seems to be a great opportunity to earn money using encrypted currencies, but you should not blind invest into such a system, it is mostly not what it seems. The market is full of scams, especially with encrypted currencies, because the scammer are more protected than else. Before you use an online application, ask your trusted blog. We receive steadily mails with experiences that tells which systems earn real money and which steal only your deposit. We’ll come back to the best investment software at the end of the review, first do we expose all the reasons, why you should definitively not join this crap. Please read this review to the end, before you invest any cent. Let’s start with the general question, who Verified Robot created.

Who is behind Verified Robot?

The first question we have to clarify is, who Verified Robot run. We expect in the financial niche absolutely honesty and transparency. We cannot pay money to a system that we don’t trust one hundred percent. The Verified Robot is total anonymous. Nowhere at the homepage is a hint who created the Verify Robot. Moreover, there is neither the name of a company nor the name of any real person. Please make sure you join only verified apps where you always know who takes your money. We will now see how the Verified Robot works.

How works Verified Robot?

The Verified Robot claims to be a full automatic trader that trade encrypted currencies while you are offline. We recommend no full autotrader anymore, because this function is often used to steal your money. In fact is it very risky to let a full automatic software with your portfolio alone. The most recommend tools are all just semi-autotrader or signal generators. You have always the last word and keep in full control. On the other hand is this the only what the verified robot tells about. A software is only trustful, when it in details explains, how it works. We expect to hear about algorithms and trading strategies, but getting nothing. Please never use a trading system that takes his mechanisms in secret. Let’s check the user experiences.

Are there real Verified Robot experiences available?

A big part of a scam review is to talk with past users that intense used the system. Different users send steadily experiences reports, what software made real profits and what don’t deliver good results. The emails we receive about Verified Robots tells another story than the homepage. Verified Robot offer no support (an easy question on the support email address get no response) and places random trades until your deposit is emptied, even when you are away. The scammers do not wait to call you and nudge you personally to invest more money, and the demo is not real, but shows fabricated results that always win. That are bad scam tactics, the reviews on the homepage are just an invention of the scam authors. The allegedly members are just stock photos. That photos were stolen anywhere online. A quick search shows the real sources and that none of them is related to the Verified Robot. Let us give this scam review a final verdict.

Verified Robot experiences and scam review conclusion

All Verified Robot experiences was very bad. The software is full off lies but contains no useful information. Verified Robot is a scam! Please keep away for your own safety, you will never see your money again. But continue reading below for the current most recommend way for earning money from home.

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