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Zero Loss Formula by Peter Morgan a new autotrading service. To bad that this service try only to scam you. It is important to read full review to keep protected against such a kind of fraud service. Don’t trust them because the scam actors tell you nothing other than lies! It is very bad that a service alike Zero Loss Formula try to scam traders but it shows more and more that joining a legit autotrader is very important. In this review you will learn all to disdain such scams and make safe money online!

Zero Loss Formula is only a scam!

Peter Morgan is the CEO of the company of Zero Loss Holding. This guy looks like a strain butler. Peter Morgan is simple a paid fake actor and Zero Loss Holding is no valid company. That is one of the biggest fact which destroy all trust to this fraud autotrader. We will not forget other scam services like Opus Formula, Cash Formula, Perpetual Formula, Binary Freedom Formula and AmissioFormula. But that these frauds use the word Formula is only a side note.

Put away your credit card is a sequence heard many times before by nearly all scams reviewed in the past.

Peter Morgan is only a scam actor

The world first software with 100 % success rate – again

The second fact is that Zero Loss Formula like the name suggest will never lose a trade. Binary option traders will never win each trade. A very high accuracy of such an autotrader is 85 % win rate over time. Sometimes it will win more, sometimes it will win fewer. But a trading software, which try to predict market conditions, will never win all trades since 24 months. That is and will ever be impossible, even for a human trader. Such kind of lies get only tell by a big scam. It is not countable how much scammer released the worlds first 100 % win money machine. But forget these, you can ask the world best human traders, nobody of them will win each trade.

The scam homepage contains a faked spot countdown

Limited spots are another scam tactic. The presumed creator of Zero Loss Formula, Peter Morgan, says that still 50 free places are available. That spot counter at the homepage initial every time at 6. But if the homepage get reloaded the counter will restart at 6. This is another exposition of the lies used by Zero Loss Formula.

The strange interface of Zero Loss Formula

The video and his fake broker image

A very popular scam way is to show broker images to say how great this software should works. But in reality would nobody left such much money in the hand of a broker. Trading binary options is switching between making money and withdraw steadily the profits. Pull out money of a broker account is not a short process. That is why you use this rotatory actions.

Millionaire Trader Scam Review

Another scam actor at Zero Loss Formula

The artist Peter Morgan refer to the other scam actors. This guy drive in a car and tell you any shit. He and all the other fools like Susan White are scam performer and rented at Fiverr. Fiverr is a homepage where many people offer her work, for example as actor and actress. Forget what they tell, that are only purchased fake reviews.

Another scam actor at Zero Loss Formula

A scam actor from Fiverr

Modal scam dialog at the homepage of Zero Loss Formula!

If the cursor move out of the viewport of the website of Zero Loss Formula, then the page will try to stop you with a modal frame. Like mentioned many times before only scam try to manipulate you. At the homepage of a legit autotrader will you never find similar modal windows.

Peter Morgans bought a private airplane cash!

Remember at the cute actress that play the stewardess in the scam Quantum Code. This is not the first and will not the last time a fraud service try bait member with such kind of crap. No jet will get sold to a nobody in bar. For such transfers get an independent third trustee used.

The conclusion of the Zero Loss Formula scam review

Zero Loss Formula get presented by a scam actor named Peter Morgan. He promises much unrealistic stuff. In the binary option industry will you not be a millionaire after one year trading. The best legit autotrader bring salary between $800 and $1.000 each day.  A software that wins all trades doesn’t and will never exist. The idea to buy an airbus in cash is funny but silly. Zero Loss Formula use refunded testimonials taken by people hired at Fiverr. Don’t forget at the fake spot countdown and the modal container of Zero Loss Formulas homepage. All parts of it allow only one consequence: Zero Loss Formula is a scam!

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