Zeus 2 is the next version of the GPS Trader scam! Read now this review!

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Zeus 2 by Matthew Harrison is a new scam, which promise to make $10.000 each day. Let’s first expose all the bad fraud tactics to make sure, you are stay safe and find ways to make money online!

An accurate analyze of Zeus 2 scam

The first fact is, that there is the information a bout Zeus 1 missing. Since the full legit autotrading softwares get released, trying scams direct to bait with Version 2 and copy them. This is not part of the rating, because it is not a proof, but an interesting side note. The same as that Zeus 2 was created by guys and gals which already publicized another scam. earn-money.today has already reported about formally well guys, for example the Bullish University, which started to cheat investors, hence this testimonial must check the other way exactly same fair.

Zeus 2 is a scam

A company with the name Zeus Investments LLC does really exist, but there is no relation to the Zeus 2 autotrading robot. The name Matthew Harrison is not unknown, but a search about Zeus 2 and this name at websites and social networks bring only bad results and warnings. There are no questions, that the agenda on only crap. It is not new, that a scam present a nobody as mega millionaire and fictional companies. Matthew Harrison remember at the great scam Quantum Code and his copy Orion Code. Not really surprising is at the homepage of Forbes magazines and other websites is nothing about this guy.

Don’t believe that anybody would give you money if you join a service. The idea, that anybody pay investors is already a refuted lie. The most used lie is, that you will get cash, if you lose it. Some developer of legit autotrading applications offer them for free or for a limited time, but never ever had a creator send any money to his users.

The crazy story of Zeus 2

The promised income of the Zeus 2 scam are simple unrealistic. Such strange statements are only by scams in usage, but poorly is it impossible. You will never earn $650 each hour. May earn in the future another program more cash, but still far away from this. You cannot become a millionaire after only one year trading binary options, this is fact! No software can predict the market with 100 % accuration. Scams try to scam investors with the strangest stories. No matter if you are fast as light and use the world best mathematical algorithms, it is impossible. The Zeus 2 scam actor telling like the GPS Trader the same dump story.

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The best signals get day trader by news. This, called fundamental trading, can lose trades too. The second fact is, that the algorithm of Zeus 2, ZIO counter,  place a trade in the last microseconds, if a trade goes wrong. This is total bs! The strategy is called fencing and a typical way to protect your money. But you get only 85 % payout on average. That means with each fence do you lose definitive around 15 % of your investment. Additional is the shortest period to place a trade at your broker 30 seconds with short term options. A short term option has around 70 % payout, hence you can lose up to 30 % of your investment and will not be able to fence in the last second.

The Webpages scam widget

The Zeus 2 scam is a good example how to lie to cheat a lot of people. It contains stolen badges of trustedverfied.com. These dump inventors of this crap taken images from 2016-08-31, but a WHOIS request show, that the domain’s registration date is the 2016-10-25, a long time after the supposed verify. The fake spot countdown are not a new thing. Each time the website get reloaded the countdown reinit to his default value again.

The WHOIS result of Zeus 2

Zeus 2 scam conclusion

We know, that the Zeus 2 is a software by already known scammer, but this is not a part of the rating. It shows a guy which will be a mega millionaire, but nobody has heard about before. The story makes no sense. If you follow this tactic, you will lose all your money. When the scam actor Matthew Harrison call a group of people “normal”, you know already how dump this service is. All no-loss systems are only a scam, hence Zeus 2 is a scam too!

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