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Is Cobalt Code scam or legit?

Cobalt code asking if you want to join 23 legally confirmed millionaires. The first strange question that come in mind is:How become anything legally confirmed?. Or more specific:How can anything become illegally confirmed?. An interesting fact of Cobalt Code is that the page has a German landing page too. As German native speaker I can say that they is really good translated, not only like the joke software from Google or Babelfish but very probably not by a native speaker.

After full reviewing the 钴的代码, earn-money.today has found modifications of the website for Austria, Australia, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Gulf Cooperation Council (an Asian union of the 6 lands Bahrein, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar), Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mali, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland. Cobalt Code has a lot of GEO-specific modifications for a secret service with only few free spots.

The promotion video is nearly 1 hour long but you can safe your precious time: Cobalt Code is only a scam!

Cobalt Code is full of scam actors!

Many of them the scam actor Grant Stone tells about cobalt is right. But its price is far away from gold. The Cobalt price is up to $ 12 per lb. One lb. are 16 ounce, hence the price of Cobalt is up to $ 0.75 each ounce. Most time the gold price is above $ 1300 per ounce! Worldwide get per anno up to 3250 tons of gold and more than 50.000 tons of cobalt extracted from the earth what cause in a very low price. Interesting is that cobalt is a part of vitamin B12. Deficiencies of B12 cause in paranoia, depression, hallucination and many others. Like watching this scam video.

Cobalt Code use scam actors!

Don’t believe the unrealistic promises of Cobalt Code. It will never be possible to makes more than $ 10.000 trading binary options. You can make much money trading binary options but it is and will ever be an incrementing of your money using a well money management strategy. Most scams suggest no usage of a money management strategy. I this case you have a good chance to lose all your money very fast!

The safety is one of the most important facts in the binary option industry. You can get stake everything on one card and make much money very fast or lose all but this is not less gambling than go into a casino and set all your money to a specific number at a roulette table. Even the best legit autotrader win many but lose sometimes trades, hence they using risk management strategies to safe your money.

Cobalt Code uses a fraud story and other scam techniques!

Grant Stone tells you he worked in a cobalt mine in South Africa and shows you some images how rich he is. If you take an accurate look at the image from South Africa you will see that Grant is only pasted in the front of this background. It is not very easy to recognize but primary in the sky/area surrounding his head you will see that there is something wrong. It doesn’t look three-dimensional. This fake image is one of the facts against the story of this scam!

Bad scam image at Cobalt Code

Cobalt Codes homepage is full of scam techniques

Cobalt Code tells there are only few spots available. But like previous mentioned this scam homepage has modifications for 20 different GEO locations. Hence it is not surprising that they use fake opinions and so-called stock photos. They have only written this text on her homepage and put any image at the side. This images are only located for Saudi Arabia, for all others GEO locations it show the same images.

Cobalt Code use stock images like most scams
Everywhere at the homepage they wrote that this was legally confirmed by lawyers and banks. But you cannot trust that because you find no confirmation of that. After a real confirmation you would get a certificate to prove that.

Yes, Cobalt Code is a scam!

Unfortunately Cobalt Code is only a scam. Here you will not make $10.000 each day, which is simple impossible trading binary options. Most scams tell you this over and over, don’t believe it! A good income in binary option industry is up to $5.000 each week. This is only reached by the top legit autotrading services.

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Cobalt Code (thecobaltcode.com)


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