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Your first task on the way to build up your marketing empire is to decide for your (probably first) niche and look for an affiliate network like FlexOffers. In the best case should you choose a niche you like to do/use and have enough knowledge about. The usual most common niches are Relationship, Healthy, Finance and Adult. We will later come back to these again. First is it important to speak about available affiliate networks. Nevertheless, marketing is nothing you need to do alone. If you are interested, simple email to earnmoneytodayblog@gmail.com 或者使用 联系表. You neither need an idea nor know what a niche you choose or anything others. This is something that anybody can do. We advise and support you in English and German starting from selecting a niche to get a blog, writing articles and get your first and many following sells.

The affiliate (alias publisher), in this case you, become by so-called affiliate networks connected with advertisers. This website provides for each offer a tracking link and a platform that shows, how many visitors clicked the link and how much money you made in a product. FlexOffers is one of the worldwide greatest networks with current really 11.078 advertisers, amongst other big ones like Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, Nike and Yahoo. Its offers are sorted into 25 categories, see below:

官方网址: www.flexoffers.com

FlexOffers product niches:

  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Careers
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Credit Cards
  • Digital Products
  • 教育
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Financial Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Home and Garden
  • Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Lifestyle and Recreation
  • 媒体
  • Mobile
  • Online Services
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Shopping
  • Sports, Fitness & Outdoors
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel

Prepare your promotion program:

You see, there are unlimited ways for earning money. The initial named niches Relationship, Healthy, Finance and Adult are very lucrative, that’s why it is so popular. Mature products are possible the most profitable niche ever, but is not suitable for anybody for obviously reasons. Look for possible competitors, the competitor count shows the potential of the niche. Rivals helping additional, because you may get on their homepages and channels a ton of new ideas.

FlexOffers niches overview

The simplest way to promote your stuff is by writing blog articles. If you like cars, you may write articles about cars, driving and more. If you like clothes, write articles about new clothes, trends and how to choose your outfit. You will see, that after an article each day your visitor count, tracking link click count and profit will rise very fast. It’s like writing a magazine, similar to c’t, Europe’s most subscribed computer magazine. Customer buy it for the articles, advertisers paying for showing additional ads on some pages. You do the same, when you write for your blog. User visit your blog for the articles and click on your ads. Such magazines can be a very good inspiration too.

Use Google Trends

This simple free service by Google LLC was already released 2006 but seems still to be a secret tip. 谷歌趋势 give a search query a rank from 0 to 100, according to the popularity of the search term based on the milliards of daily search queries. It is good to find new niches and to decide for the current most popular product to promote. Moreover, it allows comparing different search terms, see this example query with Soccer vs. Football vs. Baseball vs. Basketball vs. Tennis. It’s possible to filter the Trend indicator on region. If you are a non-English native speaker or very good in another language like German or Spain, it is may a good idea to promote in these languages. In these big lands do you have a lot potential customer and very few competitors, compared with English.

FlexOffers featured advertisers

It’s time to start!

The usage of FlexOffers is one hundred percent free, you will never have to pay anything. All fees get paid by the advertisers. You can already join to create your account, but affiliate networks do all to keep spammers and scammers away. After you create an account, you have to answer some questions to get approved. But this has time, first create your account and set up your homepage. Don’t forget to immediate email, if you want to make money in Marketing, it is important, that you don’t pass this chance. The next step is to find a name for your blog; continue reading: → Domain Name: Tips to choose your personal one!


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